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STEM Programs

Robotics: Students in this course will be introduced to engineering concepts and technology design through a robotics system. Students learn and apply principles of Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Systems Design Engineering. Working in teams, students use applied math and science along with their newfound technology and computer science skills to design, build and program a variety of robots to meet challenging specifications. No prior programming experience is required. 

STEM I: The first year STEM focuses on manufacturing skills common across all industries, such as materials science, precision measurement, and use of hand and power tools. Students will be introduced to basic engineering concepts including problem-solving, manual drafting and Computer Aided Design (CAD) using SolidWorks. STEM I will complete a variety of hands-on projects using the skills learned through out. Students can take these skills and pursue employment or continuing education in any number of industries from aerospace to maritime, agriculture, construction, and more.

STEM II: The second year consists of industry-specific courses in aerospace. This includes coursework in areas such as composites, robotics, and more. Along with manufacturing skills, Core Plus Aerospace students learn universal skills such as time management, problem solving, and team building. There are also opportunities to engage in clubs and competitions through organizations like Skills USA and First Robotics.

STEM III: This third-year course consist of specific skills used in the Aerospace engineering and manufacturing industries. Students will continue to use SolidWorks (CAD) and MasterCam (CAD/CAM) to design and create plans to produce products. Students will continue to build skills on the manual machining tools and learn the basics of CNC production.

AJAC: currently operates two registered Youth Apprenticeship programs for youth. Both the Production Technician (Youth) and Automation Technician (Youth) are 2,000-hour programs designed for high school juniors and seniors to develop career-ready skills in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries. These apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training at an AJAC employer and college-level classroom instruction which can lead to a high school diploma, journey-level card and short-term college certificate. Students must meet the minimum requirements and apply to participate in this program.