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Student achievement is the shared responsibility of student, family, educators, and the community. The success of each student is directly impacted by those who have the greatest influence in their lives. Our goal is to help facilitate excellent communication among all who have a stake in the success of Puyallup students - parents, teachers, staff, and community members. To that end, members of the Communications and Information Department serve the Puyallup School District and community in a number of ways.

Digital Communications

The district website is the home base for all school and district information and the centerpiece of our communication network. Our goal is to provide users with current and relevant information using a tool which is intuitive and easy to navigate.

We provide updates using an electronic newsletter, PSD Connectivity, which is e-mailed to several thousand followers each month.

Social Media

We believe in more than just “sending information out” to parents. We engage the Puyallup community in celebration of student success and develop dialogue with followers on a variety of social media platforms including
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Print Communications

Three times each year the district newsletter 
Connections is mailed to over 53,000 homes in the Puyallup community. Copies of past publications can be found here.


We work closely with local media stations to highlight student achievement and feature student success. All inquiries for media coverage should be directed through the Communications Department.


Puyallup School District's Brand and Style Guide is a comprehensive tool for staff and stakeholders in designing, printing, or producing communication and marketing materials. As we communicate about our work both internally and externally, it is crucial that our brand remains consistent and effective. Although there may be occasions when a degree of flexibility is required, the standards in this manual will help with brand identity across a wide variety of environments, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in our vision, mission, and beliefs.

[email protected]
(253) 841-8703

Sarah Gillispie

Executive D
irector of Communications and Public Engagement
(253) 435-6501

Curtis Campbell
Communications Manager
(253) 840-8969
Robin Rhodes
Communications Coordinator
(253) 840-8925

Rashaad O'Neal
Digital Media Strategist
(253) 435-6759