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Business Services

Business Services supports student achievement by playing an integral part in the day to day functions of the Puyallup School District.  Accounting, Purchasing, Budget, Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Departments are all housed in the Office of Business Services which allows us to work hand in hand to support our schools, employees, and each department within the Puyallup School District.

Laura Marcoe
Assistant Superintendent of Business and Support Services

Shari Gesner
Executive Assistant

Heather Larson
Director of Finance
(253) 841-8683

Amie Day
Assistant Director of Finance
(253) 435-6777

Matthew Young
Financial Compliance Accountant
(253) 841-8621

Paige Scroger
Procurement and Contracts Analyst
(253) 841-8622

Pam Heath
Business Services Specialist, Area C
(253) 841-8708

Julie Beckman
Business Services Specialist, Area D
(253) 841-8623

Haley Konsmo 
Business Services Specialist, Area B
(253) 841-8767

Rachel Matthiesen
Director of Payroll
(253) 840-8980

Carol Gorman
Business Information Analyst
(253) 840-8833

Lynn Guyton
Retirement Analyst
(253) 841-8765

Margaret Nelson
Payroll Supervisor
(253) 841-8612

Taylor Lempitsky
Payroll Specialist
(253) 435-6729

Shannon Jimenez
Payroll Specialist
(253) 841-8606

Xuong Huynh
Payroll Specialist

Ana Sandoval Espinosa
Payroll Specialist
(253) 435-6502

Payroll Specialist

(253) 435-6654

Cathy Repp 
Benefits Coordinator 
(253) 841-8615 

Stacy Helmer-Hardie

Benefits Coordinator
(253) 841-8613

109 E. Pioneer 
Puyallup, WA 98372 

(253) 841-8762
(253) 840-8860 (fax)

Office Hours
7:30 am - 4:30 pm