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Kessler Center

Kessler Center 

Located at 1501 39th Ave. SW in Puyallup, this multi-purpose student service center is home to the following Puyallup School District programs.   

(253) 864-5710
(253) 864-5742

(253) 841-8700
(253) 864-5811
(253) 841-8700

Consolidating these programs into one facility improves efficiency, saves costs, and reduces the need for leased building space. In addition, the facility also provides a state-of-the-art-audio-visual control conference room which will be used for future School Board meetings.  The opening of the facility coincided with an increase of enrollment in Puyallup Digital Learning, resulting in a delay of School Board meetings being conducted at the facility until Fall 2022.     

The Kessler Center was funded through State Match funds from the 2015 School Construction and Facility Improvements bond project. When districts build new schools, expand, or modernize existing schools they may be eligible for state matching funds from the School Construction Assistance Program. The voter-approved 2015 bond project allowed the district to meet the requirements of the program.  

Construction Info 

The Kessler Center capital project was completed on time and on budget.  On Dec. 10, 2021, the district celebrated the formal completion of the facility by hosting a Kessler Center Ribbon Cutting ceremony.    

The Capital Projects Department is responsible for managing and designing all new construction, modernization, and remodeling projects. The Facilities Planning Department works hand in hand with Capital Projects to determine current and future needs of the district.  


Kessler Center Ribbon Ceremony

The Kessler Center is named in honor of the Kessler family who sold the site to the district in 1986. Don and Edith Kessler were longtime Puyallup residents and had been active in numerous Puyallup civic organizations. Mrs. Kessler worked as the Secretary to the Pierce County Superintendent of Schools and later as the Executive Secretary to the Superintendent of Puget Sound Educational Service District. Their daughter, Gayle Shenk, was an employee in the district, working for Puyallup Special Services and the Transportation Department. Their son, Lee Kessler, is retired and resides in Maple Valley. 

“In honor of the Kessler’s many years of service to the community of Puyallup and to education, it seems fitting that the future student services center take on the Kessler name,” stated Assistant Superintendent of Operations Mario Casello.