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COVID-19 At-a-Glance

Symptomatic: (Regardless of Vaccination Status)
Required to go home or stay home. Should test or see PCP and may return if test is negative, 24 hours fever free, symptoms mostly improved. 
Sent to isolation room and given well-fitted mask and referred to testing, regardless of vaccination status
If no test, required to stay home 5 days and may return day 6 if 24 hours fever free, symptoms mostly improved. Required to wear a well-fitted mask day 6-10.
If test is positive, follow positive guidance and notify school nurse.

Test Positive: (Isolation)
Must isolate 5 full days after symptom start date or positive test result.
Staff: Email [email protected]
Students: Please notify the school nurse.

Return on day 6 if symptoms mostly improved, 24 hours fever free without medication.
Required to wear a well-fitted mask day 6-10 OR test negative after day 5. 
Required to isolate through day 10 if unable to mask AND test negative after day 5.
No test needed after day 10.

Exposed: (Regardless of Vaccination Status)
Monitor for symptoms
Wear a well-fitted mask for 10 days
Recommend test 3-5 days after last exposure or if symptomatic (at-home, antigen, PCR)
If positive, follow that guidance.
Continue to take part in school, sports, performing arts, extracurricular activities IF not symptomatic. If symptoms develop, person will immediately isolate and follow symptomatic protocol.
Staff notify Contact Tracing if positive; students notify their school nurse if positive/newly symptomatic. 
Any positive person will follow ISOLATION guidelines.

Additional Information:
At home tests (negative and positive) are accepted
Masks optional except health rooms and isolation space for anyone 2 years and older
Physical distancing optional but not required.