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Empowering Puyallup technology initiatives continue
Empowering Puyallup technology initiatives continue
Posted on 10/27/2016
Empowering Puyallup technology initiatives continue

In a technology report to the Puyallup School Board on October 17, Empowering Puyallup staff provided an update on important 2016-17 school year initiatives.

They reported on the roll-out of Empowering Puyallup, a top learning initiative to align technology and instructional resources for students across the district. It provides equity for all students, makes online learning resources available at all times, and allows parents more access to their student’s learning and assessment.

 Schoology, a digital Learning Management System (LMS) was launched this fall. It is a communication tool for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate and communicate. 

Beginning in 2017 technology devices will be provided for every seventh grade student. Over time, the Empowering Puyallup initiative will issue a device for each student in grades 4 through 12.

Visit the district’s Data Dashboard to monitor progress on computer device ratios for students at:

The Student Learning department is developing digital resources in conjunction with Empowering Puyallup. When a student receives a device assigned specifically to them, the digital resources will be in place for both teachers and students.

The report to the school board also contained updates on infrastructure and support; enhancing the district’s network resiliency and capacity to accommodate growth and dependency; and increased Wi-Fi coverage, capacity, and capabilities at all levels of the organization.

The next-generation teacher devices will be selected and delivered beginning in mid-winter.