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Advisory Committee
The Committee Aligned for Reimaging Excellence (CARE) will provide guidance as we make meaningful changes in our organization. Specifically, CARE members will review data collected on students, staff, and families that provide an insight on:

     • Social-Emotional Learning and Well-Being
     • School Climate, Culture, and Engagement
     • Equity and Inclusion

CARE Members and Selection Process

At the Sept. 7 School Board meeting, the School Board unanimously approved the process and selection of 20 individuals chosen to serve on a Committee Aligned for Reimagining Excellence (CARE) for the 2021-22 school year.

A selection committee comprised of two school board directors, two district administrators, and union president was established for the purpose of selecting a representative group of district stakeholders.  This selection committee reviewed applications received during the 2-week application period and used a selection matrix to identify applicants who were a representative balance of the community and offered diversified thoughts and experiences. 

This 20-person committee is comprised of students, parents, community members, staff members and partner organizations.

  • Basch, Charlotte/Hayward Sterud, Amber (Puyallup Tribe of Indians Appointee)
  • Bledsoe, Mark (Community Member)
  • Bowlin, Marcia (Parent)
  • Estroff, Jennifer (Community Member)
  • Haynes, Thomas (Employee)
  • Hiatt, Jolie (Student)
  • James, Laila (Student)
  • Mar, Elisa (Parent)
  • McKeever, Chhunla (Puyallup PTA Council)
  • Miller, Lin (Communities in Schools)
  • Ngere, Bernard (Student)
  • Olen, Peter (Community Member)
  • Pazaruski, Ryan (Parent)
  • Rittenhouse, Jen (Parent)
  • Sanchez, Michael (Employee)
  • Steever, Hailey (Student)
  • Tucker, Vanessa (Parent)
  • Won, Erica (Student)
  • Young, Tiffany (Parent)
  • Zancanella, Cassandra (Employee)

Meeting Dates

Due to the nature of the work involved, meetings will be held in-person only unless otherwise noted. Meetings will be held at the Karshner Museum from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on the following dates: 

     • Sept. 16 (Meeting Outline)
     • Oct. 14  (Meeting Outline)
     • Nov. 18 (Meeting Outline)  
     • Jan. 20 (Meeting Outline) 
     • March 17 (Meeting Outline)
     • April 28: (Meeting Outline)
     • May 19  
     • Additional meetings TBD