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We are focused on academic recovery and the acceleration of learning for all students. Current resources include the following:

Summer Learning Academy

While summer school is certainly not a new concept for school districts, the pandemic exacerbated the need for extended learning that goes well beyond credit recovery. Summer Learning Academy was designed to meet the needs of students who may benefit from additional time and support to master key concepts in core content and specific skill gaps. Offered to students who need it most this five-week program offered during the summer months served over 2500 students, in person, at multiple sites.

Remote Learning Options

For families who seek a distance learning option for their child, Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL) offers an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program. This accredited online program offers four alternative learning options for grades K-5 and five alternative learning options for grades 6-12.  Families can choose which option best suits their child’s needs, based on learning requirements and parent involvement. 

Additional recovery plans addressing student needs over the next three years include:
     • Enhanced Staffing for Secondary Mathematics
     • Contact Tracing Support
     • Additional K-12 Staffing
     • Student and Family Connection Activities in August
     • High School Counseling Staffing Additions
     • Instructional Coach Model Improvements
     • Mental Health Services and Supports
     • Stakeholder Analysis
     • Alternative High School Student Engagement Liaison