Accounting, Business & Marketing, MS Office

Accounting 1, 2
Are you you planning to own your own business or major in business in college, then accounting is essential to your success. Learn about the financial management of a business including: revenue, expenses, capital, assets and liabilities. Utilize computerized software that is used in the business world.

Business & Marketing 1, 2, 3
Are you planning on working....or majoring in business....or owning your own business? No matter what career you choose, it will involve business and marketing. Learn marketing and business concepts that apply to the world of business. Build leadership skills through creative sales, customer service, promotion, management and running a school-based enterprise and DECA!

Microsoft Office 1, 2, Adv
Are you currently a student and do you someday plan to have a career? Microsoft Office is the 3rd most requested skill by employers and 91% of hiring managers require certifications for employment. Become industry certified through Microsoft in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access. Be successful in your educational classes and competitive in the job market with employable skills.