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Karshner Elementary - Fire Restoration

Project Description:
Fire on the wallOn July 5, 2020, a fire broke out at Karshner Elementary causing extensive fire, water, and smoke damage to the east half of the building. The west half and some portables sustained less severe smoke and water damage. All areas required immediate clean up and mitigation measures. Damaged materials were removed, a temporary roof was installed, and areas were dried out to reduce further damage.

Assessments are continuing in order to determine the scope of the restoration needed. Design, permitting and construction services are ongoing based on the assessments. Procurement and installation of select equipment, primarily electrical, has been completed to allow testing of the remaining building systems.

PSD is working with insurance company specialists on the restoration.Fire at Karshner The restoration plan will rebuild the school to the original design to the extent possible. No expansion is anticipated.

Karshner Elementary is expected to be closed for clean-up and restoration until sometime in 2021. In the interim, Karshner students will be housed in the old Firgrove Elementary School buildings.

After the Fire:
The link below will allow you to tour through the building to view the damage. Although these pictures may be upsetting to some, they provide a glimpse of the total damage as water and smoke created more damage to the structure and infrastructure than the actual fire.