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Decision Making
State and local health agencies guide our decisions about reopening schools. K-12 Schools Guidance provides the latest health and safety requirements for staff and students dependent on current community health and disease transmission.

Based on guidance, our efforts continue to focus on:
     • Current enrollment of students who have chosen the hybrid instructional model
     • Space on school campuses
     • Staff required to support students learning in-person
     • Health and safety supplies and logistics

K-12 Schools Guidance provides feasible actions schools must take to reduce COVID-19 risk to students and staff allowing us to resume normal operations. All decisions are made in coordination with the PSD School Board and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD).

DOH will update this guidance periodically based on emerging science and the trajectory of disease in our state and nation and work with OSPI to ensure districts, schools, and families are aware of updates.