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COVID-19 Update: March 26

Dear Puyallup School District Family, 

This is Dr. Vince Pecchia, Administrative Designee to the Board of Directors for Puyallup School District.  Hopefully everyone is doing well and settling in to our temporary new normal.  None of us could have predicted back in September that we would be doing school in a dramatically different way in March, but here we are.   

The entire Puyallup School District staff is so proud of our students.  Our students have shown true resiliency and grit during this uncertain time in our community, state, nation, and world.  A huge thank you to all families for raising such remarkable young people.  This goes without saying, but the Puyallup School District staff greatly misses the daily human interactions we had with your children.  We are looking forward to the day when the sound of learning and laughter are filling our hallways, playgrounds, commons, classrooms, and schools. 

The Governor has identified public school employees as an essential part of the daily operations of our state’s government.  It’s important that all of our students and families know how hard Puyallup School District staff is working during this six-week school closure while also keeping safe and practicing social distancing.  Our custodians have been hard at work disinfecting and cleaning schools and other district sites, food service staff have been preparing and serving daily breakfast and lunch at all of our elementary schools; they are averaging 3000 meals a day, and principals, teachers, paraeducators, and EdTec staff have been virtually meeting to plan, prepare, and deliver learning resources and activities to students.  Many of our staff are also supporting childcare for healthcare workers and first responders so they can do their jobs of protecting all of us.  Staff that are involved in childcare include principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraeducators, bus drivers, nurses, LPNs, and health assistants.  We currently offer childcare five days a week at multiple schools throughout the district.   

I will close by saying thank you again to our students – we miss you!  In addition, I want to thank all of our families and Puyallup School staff.  The collective effort of families and Puyallup School District staff working together to support our children is needed more than ever before.  Take care, stay healthy, and remind your children how much they are loved.