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COVID-19 Update: April 28

Dear Students, Families, and Staff,

I want to take this opportunity and share follow-up information with all of you regarding recent grading guidance from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, or most commonly referred to as OSPI. OSPI released their grading guidance last week for school districts to follow during the Governor’s extended school closure. In accordance with guidelines and rules established by OSPI, the Puyallup School District’s school closure grading practices are as follows:  

  • • Preschool – Grade 8: Students will not receive number or letter grades during the extended school closure. Students are encouraged to complete the activities assigned by their teacher(s). Teachers will provide students with performance-based feedback that addresses students’ successes and areas needing growth. Students will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians, teachers, and school administration they agree to repeat a grade level or a portion of learning missed. June report cards will only include teacher comments. Students on Individualized Education Plans will receive progress reports that align with their specific goals and objectives.  
  • • Grades 9 – 12: Students will have opportunities to improve their grades at the time of the school closure (March 16, 2020) by completing weekly activities assigned by their teachers. Every high school course taken during the school closure period will be given a statewide designator on the high school transcript to denote the unique environment in which the course was taken. Teachers will assign letter grades (A-D) or in rare circumstances an I for “Incomplete” at the end of the semester. A letter grade of “F” is not an option and will not be assigned. To reiterate, grades can be maintained from the time of the school closure (March 16, 2020), improve, or change to an I for “incomplete”. All students are encouraged to stay engaged with their learning, maintain or improve their grades, and communicate as needed with teachers, counselors, and administrators during the school closure. Students on Individualized Education Plans will receive progress reports that align with their specific goals and objectives.  

Weekly attendance will be taken for all students, preschool – Grade 12. Students will be marked present each week for actively participating in their learning. As shared in previous messages, the Puyallup School District is committed to the success of all students during this extended school closure. Our instructional leadership team comprised of district directors, school administrators, our Educational Technology staff and teachers continue to support families with access to technology and meaningful activities and assignments for students. Please reach out to your school administration or teaching staff if your family is still struggling with access to technology, connectivity to the internet, or paper copies of instructional materials.

Stay safe and well,

Dr. Pecchia