Pierce College/Running Start Class Availability

In response to school closures for the year and the need for Running Start students to get additional credits, as well as to provide an opportunity for new Running Start students to get a start on college, Pierce College has created a 2nd Spring term.  This term will run from April 20 – June 19 and will be fully virtual. Pierce will be offering 13 courses (18 sections), to include those that Running Start students typically benefit from or are a good introduction to college life.

The new term begins next Monday. At this time, students do not need to obtain an Enrollment Verification Form first. They just need to call the advising office, and Pierce will help them with what courses are needed to complete their high school diploma and Associate of Arts Degree. Please see below for the contact numbers for Advising for both campuses and the classes being offered. 

Puyallup: 253-840-8431    

Fort Steilacoom:  253-964-6705  

Item     Department     Course               Name

5505     ART&                 100                Art Appreciation

5583     CMST&              101                Intro to Communication

2911     COLLG               110                College Success

2912     COLLG               110                College Success

2913     COLLG               110                College Success

2914     COLLG               110                College Success

2915     COLLG               110                College Success

2916     COLLG               110                College Success

5543     ENGL&               101                English Composition I

5605     HIST&                158                 History of US III

5518     PHIL&                 101                 Intro to Philosophy

5606     POLS&               202                 American Govt

5608     PSYC&               100                 General Psychology

5876     BIOL&                170                 Human Bio: Anat/Phys

5875     BIOL&                100                 Survey of Biology

5878     MATH&             146                 Intro to Statistics

5879     ASTR&              110                 Survey of Astronomy

5877     CHEM&             100                  Preparatory Chemistry


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