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Custodial staff keep schools clean
Custodial staff working extra hard to keep schools clean
Posted on 03/12/2020
Custodial staff working extra hard to keep schools clean

More than 130 Facilities Operations Managers and custodians are working very hard each day to keep Puyallup students and staff healthy. In addition to regular duties, these front-line staff are going the extra mile to frequently sanitize common areas where hands are most likely to touch.

The areas that are touched most often, include but are not limited to:

           • Main office/reception area
                • Nursing stations
               • Entryway door handles
                  • Classroom door handles
                  • Classroom counters, desktops and chairs
                  • Classroom sinks
                  • Cafeteria table surfaces
                  • Locker rooms
                  • Restrooms
                  • Other building touch points

Catherine Laktionov, Puyallup High School Facilities Operations Manager says they received extra cleaning supplies and disinfectant as needed, and the custodial staff know how serious the cleaning is in order to prevent disease.

“Everyone is working very hard — and we take it very seriously.
Puyallup High School Facilities Operations Manager, Catherine Laktionov

At Zeiger Elementary, Facilities Operations Manager Larry Hiatt is patient as he wipes down “anywhere kids come in contact,” multiple times per day. “We use disinfectant on  tables, desks, door handles, sinks, and more,” he says.

Larry HiattCleaning for health is a top priority for the Puyallup School District and we are cleaning and sanitizing our schools and buildings with increased emphasis on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. We are using multiple disinfectants that are effective against viruses and approved for school environments.  This is to ensure that all surfaces are sanitized at each cleaning.

Mario Casello, Chief Operations Officer, stated “we are very proud and appreciative of our of custodial teams.  Everyday they work hard to provide a clean environment for our students, staff and community. COVID-19 has added another layer of awareness and anxiety for most people, and our custodial staff has responded with the willingness to increase the level of surface cleaning with disinfectant to help reduce this anxiety and the spread of the virus/germs. Their willingness to take on more, with a smile on their face and positive attitude, is much appreciated!”

There is currently no specific cleaner recommended for COVID-19.