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Point of View 2020
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How clear is our vision for the future of education in Puyallup? What can we do now to plan strategically for today’s learners and tomorrow’s graduates? What is your hope for education in Puyallup School District? These questions will help guide the conversations in a new series of stories and interviews we are calling “Point of view 2020.”

Beginning with newly elected school board members, and including several others in the conversation, we will be sharing perspective, celebrating progress, and creating hope for students, staff, parents, and community members. Our goal is to honor the many individuals who all share in the same purpose of preparing Puyallup’s young people for life in 2020 and beyond.

To begin with, we will share our conversations with newly elected School Board Directors Turan Kayaoglu and Joseph Romero, providing readers with an introduction to new decision-makers. 

Puyallup has a lot to celebrate - including a diverse community. We believe there is great value in hearing, and understanding perspective – from many points of view. Point of view 2020 video series