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Changes coming to PSD Support Campus
The Puyallup School District Support Campus is growing
Posted on 11/10/2019
The Puyallup School District Support Campus is growing

If you live in Puyallup you have probably driven west past Costco and noticed the sign for the Puyallup School District Support Campus. There are school buses, large food service trucks, and district vehicles traveling in and out of the property throughout the school day.

Support CenterThis central location, 1501 39th Ave. SW, has become an important hub in the infrastructure of the district. Programs that serve Puyallup students are being relocated and consolidated there to improve efficiency, save costs, and reduce the need for ongoing leased building space.

Currently, the 19.2-acre Support Campus includes Food and Nutrition, Educational Technology and Engagement Center, Logistics Support and the central warehouse, Student Records, and South Hill Transportation.

A 12,000 square foot warehouse project, which nearly doubled the size of the central warehouse space, is set to open in January 2020. The district print shop and laundry services will be relocated to the warehouse. The $3.4 million warehouse addition project was partially funded with state match funds from the Shaw Road 12 classroom addition project.

By the year 2021 students will be attending classes at the Support Campus.

Kessler Center construction set to begin
A student services center is the next project slated for the growing campus. The 38,000 square foot multipurpose Kessler Center, approved by the Puyallup School Board, is scheduled to open in 2021. The project will go to bid in January/February 2020 and construction is scheduled to begin in June 2020.

Officially named the Kessler Center in honor of the Kessler family who sold the site to the district in 1986, the student services center will serve:

    • Puyallup Digital Learning program and students;
Advance Program and students (Special Services young adult program);
 Child Find;
    • Highly Capable headquarters; and
Puyallup Special Services staff

Student enrollment at Puyallup Digital Learning is growing by leaps and bounds. Currently there are nearly 400 students and 30 staff members. In 2013-14 when it began there were 19 students enrolled.

The growth of PDL and the impact on students’ lives is a story of success. It has filled a gap that allows those who are not able to complete high school to have a second chance, students who have circumstances or special needs that interfere with traditional school to have another option, and a choice for students who want to advance their learning and possibly graduate early.

The Advance Program currently serves 22 students as a transition program for adult students with disabilities. Planning with the end in mind, the program helps students find competitive/supported employment, volunteer opportunities, community participation, and when appropriate, daily living skills. There are opportunities at the Support Campus to provide on-site job skills training.

The central location of the Kessler Center will be key for staff professional development training.

The Kessler Center will be funded through State Match funds from the 2015 bond program and is estimated to cost $25 million. When districts build new schools, expand, or modernize existing schools they may be eligible for state matching funds from the School Construction Assistance Program. The voter approved 2015 School Construction and Facility Improvements bond projects have allowed the district to meet the requirements of the program.

Reducing leased space, consolidation, and other cost savings
Relocating students, staff, and programs to the Support Campus is part of a long-term district plan to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The district-owned land provides an opportunity to eliminate substantial leasing costs. During the 2018-19 school year leased space to house the Advance Program, Puyallup Digital Learning, and the Print Shop exceeded $220,000.

    • The Advance program leased space for 2018-19 cost $52,205.
Puyallup Digital Learning leased space for 2018-19 cost $141,500.
    • The Print Shop, which has leased space on Main Street for 20 years, will be relocated to the central warehouse in December. The leasing cost in 2018-19 was $27,744.

The central location of the Support Campus, along with consolidation of services, will save staff driving time, vehicle miles, and reduce gasoline costs.

According to the district’s Capital Facilities Plan for 2019-2024, “Joint Citizens Facilities Advisory & Bond Advisory Committee identified several phases of a project to expand this site within the next 12 years in support of consolidating a variety of district support services locations scattered throughout the district.”