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High School Improvements Bond Election
High School Improvements Bond Election
Posted on 09/18/2019
Emerald Ridge High SchoolPuyallup High SchoolRogers High SchoolWalker High School

High School Improvements Bond Election

 Safety and security  Staff members practice safety and security: When it comes to safety and security in Puyallup schools, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Ongoing staff training and collaboration takes place year-round throughout the district and includes the most recent and relevant subjects.

School officials meet regularly with law enforcement through the Pierce County K-12 Work Group.  Learn more.

 ERHS science lab

Bond Election 2019: Science classroom improvements: The Emerald Ridge science lab was designed as a state-of-the-art learning facility for students when the school was built in 2000. Providing upgraded science facilities at Puyallup, Rogers, and Walker was important to the Bond Advisory Committee when they recommended high school improvement bond projects to the school board last JuneRead the story. 

 PHS Educational programs  Educational programs included in bond proposal: Not all classroom space is created equal. When the Bond Advisory Committee began studying facility needs for Puyallup, Rogers, Emerald Ridge, and Walker high schools, one of the most important things they discussed is instructional spaces. Specific educational programs have certain requirements for things like extra space, power, technology, machinery, chemicals, and movement of students within the room. Read more.
 PHS Pool   A vision for a Regional Aquatic Center: The aquatic center is not included in the proposed high school improvements bond, which will go before voters on November 5, 2019. Rather, due to diligent oversight of funds, the aquatic center will be funded by state match funds from junior high improvements and cost savings from the 2015 bond is proposed to finance the construction. Learn more.
 Puyallup High School Mitigating risk with a single point of entry: Although school shootings are rare, when the unspeakable happens we all mourn. We also reflect on how our own schools are mitigating risk and providing a more secure learning environment for our children.
 The district recognizes four major categories that are essential for emergency preparedness and prevention: Preparedness; Security Systems & Personnel; Climate & Culture; and Communication  
 Read more.
 Environmental Design Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: The Puyallup School District continually looks for ways to mitigate safety concerns throughout the district. CPTED  (pronounced “sep-ted”) is another element of student and staff safety used in the district. Working together with law enforcement officers, city planners, and architects, the district has implemented the concept of CPTED. Learn more. 
 High School Graph  District Updates Capital Facilities Plan: The planning began in 2011 with the Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee. A final report was presented to the Puyallup School Board in January 2012. The committee recommended three phases: 2012-2016; 2016-2020; and 2020-2024. The CFAC was commissioned to execute a plan for the futureRead more.
 RHS Master Plan School Board authorizes placement of bond measure on November ballot: Puyallup voters will be asked to consider a high school bond measure on November 5, 2019 to improve safety and security, provide additional classroom space, and meet current educational specifications for instructional spaces at Puyallup, Rogers, Emerald Ridge, and Walker high schools. Read more.
ERHS students

Frequently Asked Questions 
• What is a school bond?
• What are the projects on the Nov 5 school bond proposal?
• Why does the school district need a school bond election now?
• What is the cost?
• When will the projects be completed?
• How can I learn more?
Answers to these questions and more 

Proposed high school Health Fitness/Athletic Facility improvements: 
If approved by voters, the high school bond construction will address aging conditions and the need for more space in Health Fitness/Athletic Facilities at Puyallup, Rogers, and Emerald Ridge High Schools. Read more about high school health fitness/athletic facilities needs.
The deadline to register
by mail or online in the November 5, 2019 General Election is October 28, 2019. To register to vote in Pierce County, applicants must be:
• At least 18 years old by Election Day.
• A United States Citizen and legal Washington state resident.

for registration information.







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