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A vision for a Regional Aquatic Center
A vision for a Regional Aquatic Center
Posted on 09/12/2019
A vision for a Regional Aquatic Center

A plan for a Regional Aquatic Center at Rogers High School is currently under design. If approved, the current Rogers Aquatic Center will be expanded, and a second 25-yard pool will be added to support the needs of all Puyallup students, staff, and the community.

The aquatic center is not included in the proposed high school improvements bond, which will go before voters on November 5, 2019. Rather, due to diligent oversight of funds, the aquatic center will be funded by state match funds from junior high improvements and cost savings from the 2015 bond is proposed to finance the construction. These funds can only be used for capital projects.

However, the high school improvements bond is key to achieving the aquatics center plan. 

PHS pool
  •  The proposed bond would add permanent classroom space in a controlled access building at Rogers, thus providing the opportunity to remove 16 aging portables from the aquatic center expansion area.

  •  The proposed bond provides for a new athletic/fitness facility at Puyallup High School. In order to complete these improvements, including a new auxiliary gym, the plans include the eventual removal of the pool which has significant problems and is costly to maintain.

  •  The Puyallup High School pool would remain in use during the construction of the aquatic center. 

  •  The estimated completion of the aquatic center is 3-5 years. 

Providing regional athletic facilities to support students across the district has been a part of the long-term Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee plan which began in 2012. Sparks Stadium supports the district’s football, soccer, and track activities. A Regional Gymnastics Center will be constructed at Emerald Ridge if the proposed bond is approved.

PHS pool
“The high school improvements bond would provide us an opportunity to do these projects,” says Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello. “We would not remove the Puyallup High School swimming pool without the new additional pool to create our district wide aquatic center.”

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