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Empowering Puyallup
Empowering Puyallup

Empowering Puyallup, the Puyallup School District’s top learning initiative, is complete. It was designed to maximize opportunities for collaboration, communication, and extended learning. Over the last four years, the district has transitioned from traditional textbooks to digital learning and provided a device to each student grades four through twelve.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, the Empowering Puyallup team worked collaboratively with administrators and staff to deploy over 11,000 computers to students in grades seven through twelve, bringing the initiative to a successful finish.

During the deployment process, the district used junior high members of the Puyallup School District’s Tech Squad to help fellow students effectively use the new technology. Student receiving his 1:1 device

The Tech Squad program was implemented one year ahead of the technology roll out of the 1:1 devices to make sure students could support themselves with the technology. The goal of the Tech Squad was to empower students and to recognize they could learn and help others learn as well.

The Puyallup School District’s Tech Squad were honored at a School Board meeting last fall for their support and hard work in ensuring a smooth transition to new technology at a School Board meeting last fall. See gallery below 

Empowering Puyallup was created to increase engagement and achievement for all students. Although the initiative features technology as a tool, technology is not the focus. The initiative was created to increase engagement and achievement for all students. Giving every student access to current technology and empowering them to reimage their learning and their future. It provides equity for all students, makes online learning resources available at all times, and allows parents access to their students’ learning and assessment.

During this process, professional development for teachers was a priority. Through their workshops and classes, teachers are skilled in effective use of new technology and have a new way of teaching. The tools enable them to change student’s lives and accelerate learning.

The initiative has detethered teachers from the front of the class, it enables them to teach beside students, guide them, and help them become self-learners. Every student learns differently. By providing the right tools, teachers can accommodate unique learning styles on an individual basis, building success for all students.

The high-quality content and instructional strategies empower both teachers and students. The rich digital content now available to them is a powerful way of providing today’s students with high quality, relevant, and up-to-date instructional materials.

Common features of digital content include:

     ·         Multimedia elements: still images, graphics, video, virtual reality, animations, simulations, audio, music, interactive, and gaming elements.

     ·         Embedding tools to aid students with annotating calculations and more: calculator,  spreadsheet, survey, etc.

     ·         Additional tools to support collaboration and creation: wikis, video/graphic editors,  academic networking tools.

      ·         Variety of languages.

      ·         Adaptive and assistive technology design to meet special needs.
·         Ability to be updated and enriched continuously and seamlessly.

The Empowering Puyallup team has been instrumental in ensuring teachers and students have the tools they need to be successful at school and beyond.

By the numbers

Through the hard work and dedication of the entire Empowering Puyallup team, they have provided:   

·         920 formal trainings

·         Thousands of individual trainings

·         1,200 teachers belong to the Schoology self-help group

·         Thousands of parent interactions

·         8,104 1:1 computers for students in fourth through sixth grade

·         2,016 shared computers in carts for students kindergarten through third grade

·         11,194 take-home 1:1: computers for students in seventh though twelfth grade

·         550 CTE computers

·         21, 864 total computers in the hands of students

Mark Vetter, executive director of instructional technology, Dr. Mark Knight, executive director of digital education platforms, and the Empowering Puyallup team were honored at the September 9, 2019 School Board meeting. See gallery below

The Puyallup School District’s priorities are student safety and student success. Empowering Puyallup provides equity for all students and prepares them to meet the challenges that face them in an ever-changing world.