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Kindergarten Academy

Kindergarten Academy is a 20-week, early-entrance program designed to assist young learners who would benefit from additional support to be successful in kindergarten.  This free program runs January through June every year and is available to families who reside within the Puyallup School District attendance boundaries.

Enrollment is based on need and occurs early November.  The enrollment period for the 2021-22 school year ends Nov. 15.  For more information, email Kris Wilkinson at [email protected] or call (253) 841-8784.   

Program Details:

  •  • Free, 20-week program: Jan. 18 - June 10, 2022
  •  • Full-time, Monday through Friday
  •  • Offered at 10 locations: Carson, Dessie Evans, Edgerton, Firgrove, Maplewood, Northwood, Pope, Spinning, Wildwood, and Zeiger Elementary


  •  • Home address within PSD boundaries
  •  • Birthdate range: Sept. 1, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2017
  •  • No formal preschool or pre-K experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What type of assessments will be administered to my child during the 30-minute Kindergarten Academy assessment meeting?  
A:  There is no preparation needed prior to your child’s scheduled 30-minute Kindergarten Academy assessment meeting.  During the meeting, your child will be assessed on letter names/sounds, counting, basic shape identification, etc.  It’s important to remember, the main determination on whether or not a child qualifies is based on whether or not they have had a formal preschool or other pre-kindergarten educational experience.  Kindergarten Academy is designed for children who have not had a formal preschool or other pre-kindergarten educational experience.

Q:  Is transportation available and will my child be picked up on my neighborhood route?  
A:  Yes.  The Puyallup School District will provide transportation to and from Kindergarten Academy.  Families will need to transport their student(s) to their neighborhood school and transportation will be provided to the location of their Kindergarten Academy school. Students will not be picked up on the neighborhood route with other elementary age students.  Alternatively, families can choose to transport their child.   


Q:   What are the hours of Kindergarten Academy?
A:    Kindergarten Academy classrooms will typically begin and end thirty or more minutes after the start time for other students in the building. This is necessary to ensure transportation is available to support our Kindergarten Academy students.

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