Office 365

Microsoft 365 – Quick Reference

For Staff:

Use district email, username, password (same for all district access).

To Access Office 365 Website:

On a district-owned computer – select shortcut from desktop

On any other device -

To Login:

Type district email, select ‘work or school account’ when prompted

On district network – will send you directly to O365

Off district network – will take you to a district login page; use district ID and password

Download Software:

The welcome page has a button that says Install Office.
Click that to add Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote to up to five of your personal devices.
You do not need to install this on the district computers, it is already installed.

Navigating O365:

‘Waffle’ will show you all programs (the app launcher in the top left corner of the page looks like a waffle). Select the program you wish to use (Word, PowerPoint, etc)


Create folders to organize yourself (select the ‘+ New’ button)

Within your folder, add the type of file you would like (ppt, docx, etc)

Once the file is created, save (under the File tab, select ‘Save As’ and ‘Save a copy online’) and name your file

Right click on a file name to rename, move or share

The left column menu takes you to a list of recent files or files shared with you

Share a File:

Select ‘Share’ from upper right corner of any Office 365 application (it must be saved to OneDrive to share)

Type in name or email of those you want to share with (all students and staff are in the system)

You can change from edit access to view only 

If you move or delete a file, others will lose their access

Each recipient will receive a link in their district email