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Print Shop Quick Tips

Call x8706 or email [email protected]problems are easily solved BEFORE you place your order!

 We are open 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday all year long, excluding normal national holidays.

  • Due dates - Choose a reasonable deadline for your orders. The online system default is 5 days, if you do not need your order that soon please change it to a date later in the calendar.

  • RUSH ORDER - change calendar due date to the soonest the online system will allow you to AND email [email protected] as well as your budget manager that will be approving your order the order/cart# telling us when you want this order delivered in the courier (depends on courier schedule/time) or when you will pick it up.

  • Carts - You do not need to put an entire years’ worth of printing in one cart. Build carts with orders that are due within the same week or the same month etc. and choose an appropriate due date for each of those carts, example, build one cart that is due in August with math and spelling that will be used in September, then build another cart that is due in September that has math and spelling used in October.

  • Order Placers - Choose the school/department from the drop-down menu ONLY when ordering, budget managers will add the budget account codes.

  • Back-up your files/PDF’s - Print Shop is not a storage unit, you need to keep a back-up copy of your files. Systems fail and data gets lost, you are ultimately responsible for maintaining your PDF’s. If you have not placed an order for an uploaded PDF it will be deleted within 6 months. You will be able to re-order carts up to 18 months later but anything beyond that will be deleted from your file system.

  • Teacher sets or distributions - You need to “add address” down in the shipping area of your cart to add the teachers name that will be receiving an additional set.

  • Approval - make sure your order gets approved through your administration, we will not print until approved.

  • Pick-up your order - in the shipping area of your cart change the drop-down choice from “district courier” to “Hold for Pick-up” AND email [email protected] the order # telling us when you will pick-up this order or call us x8706.

  • More help - You can set up an appointment to get help for you or a small group.

Contact information -
Phone:  253-841-8706 outside district, x8706 inside district
Address: 3607 17th St SW   Suite B   Puyallup, WA  98373
[email protected]

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Thank you,
Sandy, Kelli and Jennifer, your Print Shop Team