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Dan Vesey/Deb Munson Art Show 2019
Vesey-Munson Artist's Reception
Posted on 05/01/2019

Saturday, April 27, was an evening of celebration and honoring the many talented artists in the Puyallup School District at the Vesey-Munson Artist's Reception. During the reception, awards were presented in nine categories: Color Drawing, Photography, 3-D, Painting, Black and White, Pastels, Mixed Media, Intermediate (third through sixth grade), and Primary (kindergarten through second grade). In addition to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention in the nine categories, special awards were given to Best In Show, Superintendent’s Award, and People’s Choice.Girl on stage with ribbon smiling

The Vesey-Munson Art Show began in 1998 to celebrate student achievement in the visual arts and has been held in May each year. Presented in honor of former Puyallup School District art teachers Dan Vesey and Deb Munson, the art show has given students an audience for their creative expression. The show demonstrates student acquisition of art concepts and techniques, their achievement in current or previous art classes, and the creativity they communicate through works of art.

This year the students’ art was displayed in multiple locations providing lots of exposure. Beginning at the Washington State Fairgrounds, artwork from each school in the district was displayed during the Puyallup Spring Fair where formal judging took place.  All the artwork was displayed again at the Artist's Reception held at the Pioneer Park Pavilion in downtown Puyallup.

Girl with ribbon and art on stageThis year’s Best in Show, Superintendent’s Award, People’s Choice Award, and all 1st Place winners in each category will be showcased at a third showing at the Tacoma Art Museum throughout the month of June 2019, with a special showing and reception on June 6. After the showing, the artwork will be purchased from the winners by the Puyallup School District and permanently displayed at the District’s Educational Service Center. More photos are available in the photo gallery at the end of the article.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and all the artists:

People’s Choice
Taylor Franich – Rogers High School
Chloe Power – Puyallup High School

Superintendent’s Award
Natalie Hardesty – Edgerton Elementary School
Marissa Tate – Rogers High School

Best In Show
Mathea Berge – Puyallup High School
Cyris Emerson-Ianniciello – Wildwood Elementary School

Color Drawing 
1st Place:  Brandy Grove – Rogers High School
2nd Place: Jasmine Fuller – Aylen Junior High School
3rd Place: Sydney Mendenhall – Puyallup High School
onorable Mention:  Kyley Mays – Aylen Junior High School

1st Place: Samantha Ulsund – Puyallup High School
2nd Place: Kailey Thomas – Puyallup High School
3rd Place:  Sage Marshall – Emerald Ridge High School 
Honorable Mention: Lauren Anderson – Puyallup High School 

1st Place: Claire Conner – Rogers High School
2nd Place: Giselle Flores – Aylen Junior High School
2nd Place: Kiersen Pieruccioni – Puyallup High School
3rd Place: David Bryan – Rogers High School 
3rd Place: Darien Dillavou – Emerald Ridge High School
Honorable Mention: Alyssa Loera – Kalles Junior High School

1st Place:  Natlaia Leuzzi – Glacer View Junior High School
2nd Place: Indigo Stamey – Puyallup High School
3rd Place: Vanessa Serna – Rogers High School
Honorable Mention:  Allison Deforrest – Puyallup High School 
Honorable Mention:  Dior Dunmire – Aylen Junior High School
Honorable Mention:  Elaina Nieves – Puyallup High School

Black & White 
1st Place:
  Autumn Christianson – Emerald Ridge High School
2nd Place:  Jacob Titus – Ferrucci Junior High School                      
2nd Place:  Nyssa Garofalo – Ferrucci Junior High School
3rd Place:  Clayly Stoffer – Rogers High School
Honorable Mention:  Isabel Fugman – Emerald Ridge High School
Honorable Mention: Cera Stobaugh – Aylen Junior High School

1st Place:  Ashley Moon – Rogers High School
2nd Place:  Kaila Edwards – Rogers High School
2nd Place:  John Carman – Emerald Ridge High School
3rd Place:  Emily Ontiveros – Rogers High School
Honorable Mention: Terri Cruz – Rogers High School

Mixed Media
1st Place:  Aurora Rainer – Rogers High School
2nd Place: Sky’A Laurent – Glacier View Junior High School
3rd Place: Eva Harris – Ballou Junior High School
3rd Place: Love Karavai – Ballou Junior High School
Honorable Mention:  Kiele Zacher – Aylen Junior High School

1st Place:  Crystal Martinez-Nieto – Wildwood Elementary School
2nd Place:  Haddie Talalotu – Pope Elementary School
2nd Place:  Sasha Leonardy – Brouillet Elementary School
3rd Place:  Joshua Nicely – Carson Elementary School
3rd Place:  Nadya Mejia – Karshner Elementary School
Honorable Mention:  Kaitlyn Miller – Pope Elementary School
Honorable Mention:  Alison Llamas – Fruitland Elementary School

1st Place:  Owen Gray – Karshner Elementary School
2nd Place:  Hunter Benson – Edgerton Elementary School
2nd Place:  Addison Hisdahl – Maplewood Elementary School
3rd Place:  Jackson Silvey – Maplewood Elementary School
3rd Place:  Allijah Lingley-Meyer – Pope Elementary School 
Honorable Mention:  Kellen Igel – Ridgecrest Elementary School
Honorable Mention:  Samantha Millie – Brouillet Elementary School