Highlights from the School Board Meeting
Highlights from the February 19 School Board Meeting
Posted on 02/22/2019

Highlights of the PSD School Board meeting: February 19, 2019

At their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 22 the Board of Directors honored the 2018-19 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teachers of the Year. Director of Instructional Leadership for CTE Maija Thiel presented:

  - Heidi Matson from Kalles Junior High
  - Brenda Valdez, Ballou Junior High

 “The collective effort and unswerving collaboration both Heidi and Brenda demonstrate provide leadership and support for the transition to a Microsoft Office Certification program that is preparing seventh grade student for ongoing education and living-wage careers,” said Thiel.

Next, Chief Communications and Arts Officer Brian Fox recognized the 2018-19 Classified Employees of the Year including:
Classified Employees of the Year
Michele Ayers from Puyallup High School
 - Sara Moran from Pope Elementary
 - Michael Sanders from EdTec

Honorees listened as directors were told about the attributes and characteristics which distinguish them from others. For Ayers, PHS Principal Dave Sunich described her as the heart of the office and school. “She is professional, friendly, and helpful to students, staff, and parents who walk into the office at Puyallup High School,” said Sunich. “Michele is able to successfully maintain progress on long-term goals and future events while simultaneously handling the daily barrage of the needs in a busy high school front office. She does it all with a friendly and helpful demeanor.”

From Pope Elementary, Dean of Students Audina Slater described Moran as a self-starter. “When she sees a need, she takes care of it,” said Slater. Three times a week before her shift begins, Moran arrives early at Pope. She spends the time tutoring in a first-grade classroom. She helps students with reading and spelling, assisting in their academic success.

Executive Director of Instructional Technology Mark Vetter then introduced Michael Sanders. As a senior technician, Sanders is instrumental in maintaining the district’s student and staff data network, radio communication systems, enterprise telephone system, voicemail, and 911 call systems. “Michael takes complex and sophisticated systems and somehow makes them work for everybody,” said Vetter. “He makes every teacher, every paraeducator, every support person, and every administrator feel like they are the most significant person he talked to that day. Everyone he encounters feels valued, respected, and important. He is the role model of civility, kindness and service.”

After congratulating the three recipients and thanking them for their outstanding work, School Board President Chris Ihrig proclaimed March 11-15, 2019 as Classified School Employees Week to recognize all the classified employees in the district.

View the proclamation here.

Board Policy Updates – Directors were presented with the second reading of school board policies which have been revised due to legislative changes, suggestions by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), or to implement district efficiencies and effective use of available resources.

Assistant Superintendent Casey Cox provided directors with a review of the changes being recommended.

 - Policy 2107 - Comprehensive Early Learning Plan

 - Policy 2170 - Career and Technical Education

 - Policy 2413 - Equivalency Courses

 - Policy 4220 - Community Member Complaints Concerning Staff or Program

Directors approved of all changes. Directors were then presented with a first reading of the following:

 - Policy 2320 - Field Trips, Excursions and Athletic Events

Directors will consider approval of these changes at the next regularly scheduled school board meeting on March 4, 2019.

Report - Business Services: Director of Business Services Laura Marcoe presented the December 31, 2018 Financial Statements for the General Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Debt Service Fund, Associated Student Body Fund, Transportation Vehicle Fund, and the Private Purpose Trust Fund.

The fiscal year’s first principal and interest obligation of $25.7 million was paid out of the Debt Service Fund in December.

The Debt Service Fund has a negative fund balance, reflecting the outstanding interfund loan from the Capital Projects Fund. The loan will be repaid over the coming months as property taxes are received.

To see the slides used in this presentation click here.

Action Item: Donation – Chief Academic Officer John Parker asked directors to consider approval of a donation of $9,285 from the Brouillet PTA for classroom enrichment, field trips, and supplies.

Directors approved of the donation.

Action Item: Instructional Leadership – Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development Vince Pecchia and Director of Special Services Kelly Carrick provided directors with an informational update regarding tuition-based preschool. Information presented at a previous school board meeting compared the challenges of designing and implementing a self-sustaining tuition-based preschool program to the benefit of contracting with an outside vendor.

Pecchia and Carrick shared new information recommending approval of the use of an outside vendor, Right At School, to manage a tuition-based preschool program which will provide families with options of serving three and four-year-old children in a half or full-day program with flexibility to include before and after school childcare.

Directors approved of the recommendation.

To learn more about this program, visit the PSD website: School board approves tuition-based preschool plan.

Action Item: Board of Directors – The board and superintendent are committed to work as a team. Each recognizes that their leadership, both individually and collectively, is essential to the effective operations of the district. During the process of the superintendent’s quarterly evaluation in November 2018 the Board of Directors took time to review their working agreement for 2018-19.

President Chris Ihrig highlighted words from the document including the following: nurtures loyalty and trust, healthy discourse and disagreements, positive and productive, treat each other with respect, any and all decisions made as a board will be made in public, no surprises, balance between the needs of individual schools and programs with what it takes to run a large district, recognize outstanding performance of staff.

Ihrig praised directors for their work during challenging situations. “These colleagues have behaved with the highest degree of professionalism and care for stewarding this organization,” said Ihrig.

Directors approved the working agreements. To see the agreements click here.

Action Item: Human Resources – Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Employee Relations Amie Brandmire presented the 2019-20 Student Calendar and asked directors to consider approval. The calendar reflects the same pattern of student attendance days typically observed.

Each year the school calendar is negotiated and reviewed by Puyallup Education Association and Puyallup School District with final review and approval by the school board.

Directors approved the 2019-20 Student Calendar. To see the calendar click here.

Brandmire also shared changes made to the 2018-19 Student Calendar as a result of several weather-related cancelations. “Because of the significant outages around the state,” said Brandmire, “we are looking at requesting a waiver from OSPI for the February 11 and 12 closures. What that means is if the waiver is approved by the state, then our last day of school would stay as June 24 and we wouldn’t have to make up those last two dates. If the waiver is not approved, then we would need to add those days to the end of the calendar and that would be June 25 and 26.”

Human Resources Report – The Human Resources report approved by the school board can be found on the HR webpage here.

Upcoming meetings – The next meeting of the Puyallup School District Board of Directors will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2019, at Glacier View Junior High, 12807 – 184th Street E, Puyallup, WA 98374.