IN THE KNOW: What's in the fund balance?
IN THE KNOW: What's in the fund balance now?
Posted on 12/06/2018

IN THE KNOW is a webpage which features facts about the Puyallup School District. On this page you will find informational graphics providing readers with important data and facts about the district.

Sometimes an “infograph” can help readers learn as much or more than a full story. On this webpage you will find visuals which organize facts and data for easy reading. In addition, we will link to references for those who wish to do further study into a topic.

Fund Balance View Larger

At their regularly scheduled meeting on November 19, 2018 the
PSD Board of Directors were presented a year-end financial report
demonstrating a $3 million reduction in the General Fund balance
as planned.

The infographic shows the new balance of $46,365,886 along with
a description of each section.

The components of the General Fund balance include Restricted,
 Non-spendable, Assigned, Committee,
and Unassigned.

Smoothing out taxes View Larger
Smoothing out taxes: The Puyallup School District Board of Directors
 approved a short term inter-fund loan from the Capital Projects Fund
 to the Debt Services Fund for the purpose of providing tax relief to local
The inter-fund loan allowed the district to recertify the tax
assessment for outstanding bonds by an amount of $10 million less than
 what is needed for principal and interest payments in 2018. This has
 reduced the amount collected of taxpayers during the 2018 calendar year.

By doing this during the first year of the state's new education tax,
Puyallup residents are experiencing a gradual smoothing out of the
 tax rates, rather than a one year spike. 
The funds will be transferred
on November 30, 2018. Loan repayment will be made December 2018
through April 2019.

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Teacher Salaries View Larger
Bargaining teams began negotiating May 14, 2018 and continued until a tentative
agreement was reached. On September 8, teachers ratified a new contract providing 
significant raises to each teacher.The average teacher salary in PSD increased from
$74,770 to $82,467 which is a 10.3 percent increase without counting benefits.

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