A safe space for all students
A safe space for all students
Posted on 09/24/2018

Schools are places where all students should feel welcomed and safe, where learning can happen, and friends can be made.

Kalles students

Schools that put value on the school environment, ensuring respect, encouragement, inclusion, kindness, and support create a learning environment where students feel safe and connected. Students who are connected are less likely to use substances, skip school, exhibit emotional distress, demonstrate violent behavior, or experience suicidal thoughts.

The Puyallup School District is committed to providing a welcoming environment for every student, staff, family, and community member who enters our schools and support buildings,”
                                                                          -Chief Equity and Achievement Officer Gerald Denman.

To help students feel safe and connected the Puyallup School District will be launching a new program in the fall, called Safe Zone. The goal is to implement the program in junior and senior high schools across the district by November. Each secondary school will have dedicated staff members who are specifically trained in the Safe Zone program.

Safe Zone is a program designed to support students needing adult intervention from social and emotional distress related to harassment, intimidation, and bullying motivated by:

                             *  Race                                 *  Gender
                             *  Color                                 *  Sexual Orientation
                             *  Religion                             *  Gender identify or expression
                             *  Ancestry                            *  Mental or physical disability
                             *  National origin                   *  Other distinguishing characteristics

Safe Zone Sign

The Safe Zone signage will be placed outside and inside of trained staff members classrooms and/or office spaces.  Safe Zone staff members are trained to help stop a potential situation from escalating, resolve a problem, support in an immediate crisis, provide information about additional resources and provide a space where students can remain in a safe environment and receive  appropriate  assistance.

Any student needing social and emotional support can connect directly with a Safe Zone trained staff member at any of the identified Safe Zone locations in each of the junior high or high schools.

  “We believe the Safe Zone program will be a step in the right direction in providing the environment each student deserves,”
Gerald Denman.



 Anne Martin