Centralized location will better serve students
South Hill Support Campus provides opportunities to consolidate
Posted on 08/16/2018
South Hill Support Campus provides opportunities to consolidate

When a new student needs a desk and chair, the process to get one is about to get a lot easier.

For many years school furniture and equipment has been stored at the district-owned Firwood storage site, located at 4418 Freeman Road E in Fife. As the district has grown and times have changed, there are many inefficiencies associated with the 6.66 acre site.

The driving distance required to travel there to pick up or store items takes employee time and increases fuel costs. For example, it is located 13.2 miles from Emerald Ridge High School and it takes about 33 minutes to drive from Firwood to Emerald Ridge — this means it could take more than an hour round-trip to pick up a desk. On average, the district makes 4-5 trips per week to Firwood.

Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello says there been a number of issues at the site in recent years, including a break in and a fire. The grounds surrounding the property, which originally was a school, require a significant amount of maintenance.

The Firwood site has been in surplus and for sale for close to a year.

Plans for centrally located inventory storage building

Construction begins in August 2018 on a furniture, fixtures, and equipment storage facility at the district’s South Hill Support Campus. Centrally located on south hill next to Costco, the new location will increase efficiency and reduce costs for the district.

The 3,200 square foot storage facility is scheduled for completion by November 2018 and will provide:

•  A centralized location for access and delivery of furniture to schools.
  Space efficiency with multilevel storage racks.
•  An organized inventory control system to efficiently locate items.
  The inventory will be stored on the same property where Logistics Support Center personnel and trucks are located.
•  Substantial savings in personnel time and fuel (the current average is 4-5 trips per week to
and moving furniture requires two people).
•  Consolidation — the district also stores furniture in a storage facility near Hunt Elementary.

The central storage facility represents one of many initiatives the Puyallup School Board has approved recently with the goal to reduce or eliminate leased building space and maximize use of district-owned properties. For example, Riverside Elementary, which closed in 2007 and then was leased to other organizations, was sold in 2018.

South Hill Support CampusThe board has approved a comprehensive plan for the South Hill Support Campus, which currently houses the Educational Technology & Engagement Center, Transportation on south hill, Food and Nutrition Services, and the Logistics Support Center. The warehouse will be expanded, a central inventory storage will be constructed, and plans are in work for a new building with instructional spaces to accommodate Puyallup Digital Learning and Child Find, relocate Special Services staff, the Advance Program, and the Highly Capable Programs Coordinator.

South Hill Support Campus
1501 39th Ave. SW, Puyallup