Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials include all materials designed for use by students and their teachers as learning resources to help students to acquire facts, skills, to develop cognitive processes and to provide each child with the essential skills to prepare them for meaningful post-secondary opportunities.

Types of instructional materials include core, alternative core, intervention, supplemental, and temporary supplemental.

These instructional materials, used to help students meet state learning standards, may be printed or digital and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational media, and assessments. They may carry different licensing types from open to all rights reserved.

 Approved Core Instructional Materials  

        Amanda Kraft

Executive Director of Equity, Professional Learning, and School Support

Lori Miller
IMPC Specialist

Instructional Materials Processing Center (IMPC)



  Career and Technical Education  
   Early Learning &
 Functional Academics

 English Language Arts
 Health and Physical Education  
   Social Emotional Learning
   Mathematics    Social Studies
   Music     World Languages