Dan Vesey/Deb Munson Art Show

Dan Vesey/Deb Munson Art Show will be in three locations in 2019

Student artists have been hard at work all year in their classrooms. Those who have projects that will be sent to this year’s revised Vesey/Munson Art Show will have great exposure. Artwork will be on display in multiple locations over the course of several weeks during April and May. Final winners in each category will have their artwork professionally matted and framed and on display at the Tacoma Art Museum.

  • • April 11-14, 2019 artwork from each school in the district will be on display at the Washington State Fairgrounds during the Puyallup Spring Fair. Formal judging will take place at this time.
  • • On April 27, 2019 artwork will be on display at the Pioneer Park Pavilion in downtown Puyallup. At this show the district will host an Artist Reception and awards will be presented.
  • • In late May, winning artwork will be professionally matted and framed to go on display at the Tacoma Art Museum before final installation at the district’s Educational Services Center (ESC).


The Vesey/Munson Art Show began in 1998 to celebrate student achievement in the visual arts and has been held in May each year. Presented in honor of former Puyallup art teachers Dan Vesey and Deb Munson, the art show has given students an audience for their creative expression. The show demonstrates student acquisition of art concepts and techniques, their achievement in current or previous art classes, and the creativity with which they communicate through works of art.

Vesey and Munson taught in the Puyallup School District for many years inspiring students and other teachers. They were well loved, served as mentors, and held the highest standards for creativity and originality.  Their mission continues in the district—the arts are for ALL students.

The arts are an important part of Puyallup School District’s academic offerings. Since arts education provides students with essential skills and knowledge they need to be productive college and career ready citizens, the district supports a strong arts program for all students.

What began in 1998 has grown to become a highly anticipated and recognized event. We hope you will attend one of the shows and support young artists.