Request a Medical Leave (self)

A "serious health condition" is an illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition that involves:

 • in-patient care in a hospital, hospice or residential medical care facility; or

 • continuing treatment by a health care provider.

In general, if you are: 

 • incapacitated for more than three consecutive days,

 • seeing a doctor or other health care provider at least twice within 30 days (the first visit must take place within 7 days of the incapacity), and

 • under a regimen of continuing treatment by the health care provider,

You may be considered to have a condition that "involves continuing treatment by a health care provider," and are thus protected under the FMLA even if no hospitalization is involved.

However, a regimen of continuing treatment that includes the taking of over-the-counter medications or bed-rest or other similar activities that can be initiated without a visit to a health care provider is not, by itself, sufficient to constitute a regimen of continuing treatment for the purposes of FMLA leave.

Some examples of conditions generally considered "serious" are: heart conditions, strokes, back conditions, injuries caused by accidents, pregnancy and related conditions such as miscarriages and morning sickness, cancer, asthma, pneumonia, diabetes, epilepsy, serious infections, Alzheimer's, and arthritis.

There are many other health conditions not on this list that could also be considered serious health conditions. If you would like to request a medical leave of absence, please complete a Request for Medical Leave Form and the Family Medical Leave Employee Serious Health Condition Form and fax them to the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Coordinator to 253-841-8650. PLEASE NOTE: If you have elected for a Kaiser Permanente HMO PLAN this year please complete the Request for Medical Leave Form as well as the required Kaiser Intake Form and Medical Authorization Form. Kaiser medical clinics will no longer accept or complete District forms. 

You may also qualify for the WA Paid Family and Medical Leave. If you have an approved application and wish to change how we apply your paid leave accrual during the Leave, please complete a Paid FML Change Form and submit to the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Coordinator.