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2018 Volunteers of the Year
2018 Volunteers of the Year
Posted on 05/08/2018

The Puyallup School District has over 7,900 volunteers enrolled to assist throughout the district. These volunteers give something of great value that cannot be bought, traded, or sold: their time.

The impact a volunteer can make in student academics and their ability to connect to the community is nearly impossible to measure. But you can see the positive impact these volunteers make any time you see a smile light up a student’s face when they have that, “Aha!” moment.

The patience and care demonstrated to students and staff from these volunteers make them an invaluable resource which is so deeply appreciated in the Puyallup School District.

Dagna Ray volunteering at Sunrise Elementary

Each year the Puyallup School District honors volunteers of the year. Each volunteer is nominated by the building administrator. The Volunteers of the Year were honored by the Puyallup School Board of Directors at their May 7 meeting at the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts.

Dagna Ray, a volunteer at Sunrise Elementary, is described as a faithful volunteer. She comes to school every morning at 9 a.m.and volunteers almost all day. She consistently works in the library helping first-grade students. She volunteers in many different classrooms working one on one with students and helping teachers with many tasks.

Ray was astonished on April 26 during a Sunrise staff meeting when Superintendent Tim Yeomans congratulated her as one of the 2017 – 18 Volunteers of the Year.

“Dagna has developed relationships with many students becoming a sort of surrogate grandparent for many of our higher needs students. She has been a devoted volunteer at Sunrise for five years. Dagna’s consistent, daily devotion for the last five years to Sunrise students is remarkable!” said Wanda Shackelford, office manager at Sunrise Elementary.

Mike Hanaway volunteer at Kalles Junior HighMike Hanaway, a volunteer at Kalles Junior High, is described as patient, kind, and works great with all students. Mr. Hanaway served his country as a Marine, and even in his retirement continues to give of himself and live a life of service by volunteering multiple times a week. After retiring from the Marines, Hanaway went into the technology industry, and he now uses his extensive background in mathematics to break down the needed learning skills to help students understand mathematical concepts.

Hanaway was surprised on May 2 during a regular class period. When the doors opened to the classroom, students poured in and lined the walls of the math class followed by Tim Yeomans who congratulated him on being a 2017 – 18 Volunteer of the Year.

“We say time is the most valuable thing a man can spend, and Mr. Hanaway continues to give and give to our Kalles students. We are so fortunate to have him inspiring and motivating our students,” said Jamie Lee, assistant principal at Kalles Junior High.

“Mike makes our building and team better. He is a fine example to all of what it means to put others first,” said Guy Kovacs, principal at Kalles Junior High.

Bill Bowers at CISP Friendraiser BreakfastBill Bowers is an active supporter of Communities In Schools Puyallup and acts in an official capacity for the Korum for Kids Foundation, a private foundation established to promote and improve the health, welfare, and spiritual development for children, youth, and families. Bill is all about service in every role he plays, and he has helped immeasurable numbers of students and families in the Puyallup School District over the years.

Bowers was recognized for his service to the Puyallup community at the May 7 school board meeting.

Tim Yeomans, superintendent of the Puyallup School District, said, “Mr. Bowers coordinates with all the local faith-based organization, he pulls people together to make sure our students in need have food on the weekends, and he sets up leaders of churches with local schools to make sure their needs are being met. And if there is something positive going on in the community, you need not look very far to find Mr. Bowers at the root of that.”

Congratulations to all of the 2018 Volunteer of the Year award recipients, and thank you to each and every volunteer for the time given each day to positively impact students and the community.