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Puyallup community appreciates teachers and staff
Puyallup community appreciates teachers and staff
Posted on 05/04/2018

Teachers and staff were praised repeatedly in the recent community conversation using ThoughtExchange. Over three thousand participants challenged the Puyallup School District with questions and concerns, and also praised the district for teachers and staff.

“I appreciate all the hard work teachers do, and yet, they still make time to greet students at the door. It helps students feel seen and heard, like they’re important” shared someone about Stahl Junior High.

“Amazing teachers! Carson has some amazing teachers who are fantastic at communication and go the extra mile for their students!” shared a Carson Elementary stakeholder.

The ThoughtExchange question asked participants, “What are some improvements we could make and what are some things you appreciate about our schools?” Responses varied and have been carefully analyzed by the out-of-district vendor. Feedback has been organized into themes including:

  • Student support and engagement
  • Student behavior and discipline
  • Parent involvement
  • Parent-school communication
  • Instruction and program delivery
  • Curriculum and extracurricular activities
  • Class size
  • Facilities and resources
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Safety and security
  • Support staff
  • Leadership and administration
  • Teachers and staff

    Within the next few weeks the results of the analysis will be shared with school administrators, district leadership, and posted on the district website. Of the 2,753 thoughts shared and 40,698 ratings applied, the largest number of responses related to teachers and staff; and most were positive, showing gratitude for their work.

    As we move into National Teacher Appreciation Week, it is fitting to reveal some of the top thoughts shared by Puyallup parents and community members. You are invited to help us thank teachers and staff as they strive to

  • Instruct students to read with comprehension, write with skill, and communicate effectively and responsibly in a variety of ways and settings;
  • Teach our community’s children to know and apply mathematical and scientific concepts;
  • Inspire students to think strategically and to integrate experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgments;
  • Help students understand the importance of work and their contribution to society.

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11, 2018.

“Mountain View has wonderfully attentive, inclusive teachers and staff. We are so thankful for them all.”


“My impression, overall, is that the staff genuinely like their students [at Fruitland] and their jobs. Each time I see staff with students I see positive interactions. As one who values children, I like it when others do as well. Children spend most of their day at school – it’s important they’re liked and well treated.”


“It’s wonderful to have my child go to [Spinning] school with amazing and dedicated staff.”

“Every interaction we have with Ridgecrest staff is pleasant and we believe they are totally focused on our children. It is important that you are as engaged as we are in our child’s success.”


“There are some EXCEPTIONAL teachers at this school [Zeiger]. This is how kids learn to love learning and love school.”


“I appreciate the Firgrove staff! They are amazing! A good supportive staff is key!”

“The staff at Ferrucci is positive and hard working. Everyone works hard and does what they think is best for kids.”


“The caring teachers [at Ballou] and relationships they build with students are life changing.”


“I appreciate the caring teachers who are supportive of my students’ learning and well-being. Having a positive learning environment is so important for my child’s overall success!” – Puyallup High School parent


“The Edgemont staff demonstrates professionalism and dedication to supporting their students. It is encouraging to students to know that there are teachers and staff who are strong advocates for each student’s success.”


“I appreciate the hard work of all the teachers in our district and the staff that also make this school district exceptional. Happiness at work is a great thing to have!” – Woodland parent