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Students remind us to vote by February 13
Students remind us to vote by February 13
Posted on 01/29/2018
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Eager to participate in a special filming, Northwood Elementary students gathered in “the pit” – a beloved feature of the library at their school. The chatter among kindergarteners through sixth graders showed great enthusiasm about the upcoming election. Well . . . they were excited to make a movie.

Northwood Principal Melanie Helle had talked with each student and their parents about the opportunity to make a video. Students knew they were there to encourage voters to return their ballots, but when asked what the levy election was about they were stumped.

In a mini civics lesson, with their principal sitting in, students were led in a discussion about the Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy. They learned about the need to ask voters to consider a new levy so that music classes, QUEST programs, and athletics could continue in Puyallup.

Students shared ideas about voting which takes place in the classroom at times. They discussed the importance of sharing opinions, listening to others, and making choices. They all agreed it is important for everyone to participate when given the chance to vote.

After a few minutes of photos and video recording, they were off to their classrooms and happy to have been part of the activity.

We hope you will watch their video, find your ballot, make your choice and return your vote – because like the kids say, “Every vote matters.”

Ballots are due by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13.