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FJH Students Showcase CTE Skills
FJH Students Showcase CTE Skills
Posted on 01/18/2018

The Puyallup School District is always working towards being welcoming and friendly to all who enter. The Human Resources department wanted their entrance to also reflect the welcoming and friendly tone of the district.

In spring of 2017, the HR department contacted Ferrucci Junior High Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructor, Paul Martin to see if his class would make a new table to use for the entryway.

Mr. Martin’s students, Seth Marcotte, Tyler Campbell, and Charlie Thompson were already excelling in Mr. Martin’s Gateway to Technology class and were excited to take on an extra project in addition to their regular class work.

“Through this project I learned I can still do well in class and still have fun while doing it” explained Campbell.

The students started on the project as just an unfinished slab of wood last Spring. But through learning to sand, weld, clear coat, laser engrave and to work together as a team, in less than a year the unfinished wood is now a beautiful table that will stand as a token of student achievement for years to come.

When asked about his experience on the project Marcotte explained “One of the cool parts about this class is Mr. Martin not only teaches us how to use the tools, he gives us the opportunity to learn for ourselves, instead of just being told the answer.”

The finished table is a true reflection of the professional skills that the students have learned, as well as of their commitment and, balance, and attention to detail.

The table now stands in the entryway of the HR department with a plaque above which reads,

“This table was made by Seth Marcotte and Tyler (John ) Campbell under the guidance of their Technology teacher Paul Martin. These students attended Ferrucci JH and completed Gateway to Tech as 9th graders in 2017 -2018.

This table is Hemlock made from old growth timber. It is estimated to be over 400 years old. Part of the logo has been laser engraved while the darker wood is Walnut veneer. The table has been clear coated with Epoxy clear coat resin. The legs were welded together from rusted steel and then spray coated with clear lacquer.

We hope this table serves the community well.”

In reflection of the experience Mr. Martin said “The quality and complexity of this table project illustrates the skills and learning that have transpired with these students over the last three years in Industrial Technology. It’s dedicated, hard-working kids like this that makes teaching fun. Even I learned a bit.”

Paul Martin with Gateway to Tech Students