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Pay School Fees Online
Pay School Fees Online
Posted on 08/28/2017
Don’t wait in line - pay for your students ASB card, yearbook, Puyallup Protection Plan, lunch credits and other fees online at
Faster payments into student meal accounts! Track your students account! Set up low balance reminders! Set up reoccuring payments!
Students (and parents) may access and use their meal accounts from any school district location. Online payments normally post to students accounts within 7 minutes. Students attending classes in different schools within the Puyallup School District can access their meal funds in multiple locations within the same day. For example, a student may access their meal account funds for breakfast at Ballou Junior High (during Orchestra) and then access it again for lunch meal service, at Fruitland Elementary School, later in the day.

Visit our Food & Nutrition Services page to learn more about our school lunch program.