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Junior High Athletics
Junior High Athletics
Posted on 10/18/2017

At the end of the day at a junior high school when the bell rings many students pack up their backpacks and begin heading home for the day. Then there are the student-athletes who often dedicate several hours a day to their chosen sport in addition to their studies.

Over 2,000 seventh and eighth-grade students participated in extracurricular-athletics throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Fifty-two percent of all seventh and eighth graders participated in one or more sport.

Rick Wells, director of instructional leadership – athletics, health, and fitness said, “Junior high athletics can serve as a great vehicle for encouraging our district young people to cultivate the character traits of dedication, commitment, determination, and a hard work ethic. Developing such attributes will serve student-athletes well in future endeavors as well as their adult years.”

Cross Country - Stahl vs. Ballou

Athletics in the junior high schools can play an important role in engaging students in their school and building strong character traits while also preparing them for high school athletics.

During the rainy season, many of the junior high fields would become saturated with water creating unplayable conditions for the student-athletes.

In response, before the school year began many of the fields received improvements to better accommodate the students and athletes.

Mario Casello, chief operations officer, explained, “Six of our seven junior highs received under drainage improvements to help the natural turf fields drain better and hold their integrity. In the end, it will allow our student-athletes more opportunity for better play conditions throughout the year.”

With more opportunities for students to compete comes more opportunity for the community to attend games and matches to support the student-athletes.

Whether you are a student, parent, or community member we invite you to attend some of the various games and matches throughout the school year in support of Puyallup students.

Please visit the athletics and activities calendar for more information on upcoming games and events. Every attempt will be made to keep the calendar current with schedule changes due to weather or other circumstances. When in doubt, please visit for game change status.

Devin Konsmo