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Carson students reach out to Puerto Rico
Carson students reach out to Puerto Rico
Posted on 10/06/2017
Carson students reach out to Puerto Rico

It started with a story about a young girl and her family who came from Cuba and Puerto Rico.

One thing led to another at Carson Elementary in teacher Debbie Isom’s second grade classroom.

Student Joniel Encarnacion has family in Puerto Rico, and his mother, Sonia Rodriguez, visited the class to share about the United States Territory. She told them she visited often as a young girl. The class discussed food, culture, music, traditions, and family.
Carson Elementary

Then they learned of the effects of the recent hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. The second graders wanted to reach out to the people of Puerto Rico and they wanted to help.

They began writing letters to the residents of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico where Encarnacion’s grandparents and aunts and uncles live. Practicing their “friendly letter writing” skills, using both English and Spanish letters, the class wrote words of encouragement along with colorful pictures.

Carson Elementary

“We discussed that even though they are young, sending encouragement is something EVERYONE can do,” said Isom.

Carson Student
The class decided to take it a step further when they learned they could help the people in Puerto Rico by donating personal hygiene items. Rodriguez is able to ship up to 300 pounds of goods for free to Puerto Rico thanks to her former employer. Her brother-in-law is organizing the distribution of supplies when they arrive in Puerto Rico.

The class is sponsoring a drive at Carson and plans to send the letters and supplies by the end of the month. They are collecting items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, band aid/first aid, combs, and brushes.

Rodriguez said she is receiving texts from her family in Puerto Rico and occasionally is able to receive phone calls. “I’m seeing the devastation first-hand and learning about it directly from my relatives,” said Rodriguez.

Carson teachers and staff came together and donated money which Rodriguez used to purchase five bins of personal items from Walmart. She said she was especially touched as she was loading supplies into her car at Walmart — a shopper passing buy stopped and donated more money.

Carson Elementary

“Thank you for sending such caring kids to school. I was just so humbled that they want to do this. Their letters are just darling and give me so much hope for our future!” said Isom.

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