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'Who We Are'
'Who We Are'
Posted on 08/02/2017
Driving down Meridian from Edgewood will take you down a curvy street to downtown Puyallup, straight up to South Hill, and out beyond Thun Field allowing you to travel the entire Puyallup School District from north to south on the same road – Highway 161. On a clear day, snowcapped Mount Rainier will keep you in its sight for most of your drive.

You have found Puyallup School District, the eighth largest in Washington state.

If you are fortunate to call this home or work here, you are among good people. Caring, generous, proud people. People of many ages, races, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences.

You are Puyallup.

Yes, the place is beautiful. But it’s the people who makebanner Puyallup so special.

You are Puyallup and you bring a unique contribution to Puyallup schools.

You are what makes us “Who We Are.”

Let us celebrate the diversity found in students, families, staff, and community members. Each of you contributes to the culture of Puyallup School District.

A growing community

In 1854 Emma Carson, the first teacher in Puyallup, had four students in her classroom. Today, with nearly 23,000 students, the Puyallup School District employs more than 1,200 teachers to serve the growing number of students.

The population growth has been overwhelming at times. Neighborhoods have popped up where there once were only trees. Families from near and far have come together to grow new communities. 

And the schools have grown as well.

In 2015, in response to the overcrowding crisis votersFFOF approved a school construction bond to replace three elementary schools, remodel and expand one elementary school, and build a new school. While on your drive, you could visit Northwood, Sunrise, Pope, and Firgrove elementaries and watch the construction progress. You can visit the campus of a brand new elementary school as well.

With this growth comes change in the Puyallup community. The changing demographic of our area is making Puyallup a new and different place – a wonderful place growing in diversity.

Who We Are

Puyallup schools have much more to offer than just a “tradition of excellence.” The people of this community have built upon tradition and are adding new perspective. 

The culture of our community and schools is created by individuals like yourself. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, administrator, community member, or support personnel, you add to the culture of each school. 

Your life experience brings a unique perspective on the world in which we live. Your contribution to the changing culture of Puyallup schools makes us a special combination of many points of view.

Being yourself allows others to learn and grow in their understanding of people and place. When honored for being you, other people become more enriched in their own lives, and the unique culture of our community becomes more complex and rewarding.

Parents, teachers, and administrators join forces toWillie encourage and inspire students to work hard and achieve. Caring adults believe in the young people of our community and provide support for those who may struggle along the way.

brothersYoung learners come to Puyallup schools dreaming of who they will become. They are joyful, accomplished, and enthusiastic. They challenge themselves daily to reach new heights, achieving and growing - each in their own way.

Together, we are stronger. Eager to help others, many volunteer to serve and support the less fortunate. Puyallup celebrates individual sacrifice for the benefit of others.

The culture of PSD

In the past five years the Puyallup School District has changed and grown alongside the community. 

With a focus on the improvement of instruction andteacher student achievement, all schools and departments have aligned their efforts with Strategic Directions. Leaders have placed coherent instruction as priority, which begins with establishing an environment of respect and rapport.

It has become the expectation among administrators that leadership is service to others. There is an understanding that earning trust through relationship will lead to improved learning environments for everyone involved.

Systems in Puyallup are designed to serve others. Relationships are established to build capacity in others.

Student success remains the focus, and all other efforts are redesigned to ensure this focus stays a priority. 

Reflect on this growth.

Consider your own journey. 

What has been your pathway?

How do your experiences help form the Puyallup culture?

It is important for you to know how you as an individual positively contributes to the culture of the Puyallup School District. It’s important to understand how much each contribution is valued.

As you approach a new school year, it’s also important to ask yourself:

“How will I influence the work, mission, and purpose of Puyallup schools?”

“How will I ensure all students will have meaningful post-graduation opportunities?

“How will my work contribute to the culture of Puyallup School District?

This year, determine to recognize each person for their positive contribution to the culture of Puyallup School District. Celebrate the diversity found in students, families, staff, and community members. 

Help others discover who they are and what they bring to the success of Puyallup students.

You can begin celebrating student success with the ten minute video below: