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70 Outstanding Seniors
70 Outstanding Seniors
Posted on 05/18/2017

Board Highlights for May 15, 2017

District Highlights

EJH bandFor 30 minutes prior to the start of the school board meeting audience members were entertained by the Edgemont Junior High Jazz Band. Under the direction of Mr. Andy Burch, student musicians performed several jazz pieces adding to a festival atmosphere.

The District Highlights portion of the meeting featured 70 Outstanding Seniors from across the school district (see photos in gallery below).

Each year the school board honors Outstanding Seniors from each of the district’s four high schools as well as the Puyallup Digital Learning program. Students were identified by staff for a variety of reasons which distinguish them from their peers. Some characteristics which set students apart include work ethic, leadership, encouragement of others, resilience, academic achievement, and positive influence.

Rogers High School Principal Jason Smith honored outstanding Rams including:

Sarah Archer

Victor Beling

Tristen Coltom

Tarik Cruz

Josh Finley

Eduardo Flores

Mariya Gaither

Regan Gallo

Zachary Gommi

Micha Jones

Zavion Lyons

Connor Matekel

Jensen Molver

Kylie Paine

Isaac Perez

Madysen Privatsky

Serena Sheehan

Allison Sweet

Malaina Thacker

Jessi Westering

Emerald Ridge High School Principal Kevin Hampton honored outstanding Jaguars including:

Dominic Choi

Derrick Derricks

Audrey Fernandez

JT Hamel

Grace Jeffries

Sharon Kang

Kayla Linquist

Dominick Lopes

Kasey Loucks

Jane McDonald

Sean McGinty

Jonah Rink

Mikaela Rink

Logan Skoda

Jeremay Todd

Mohagani Townsend

Sarah Wertenberger

Ben Woodbury

Alishia Yoon

Quinn Zilly

Principal of Walker High School Alicia Nosworthy honored outstanding wolves including:

Julianna Hamilton

Brittnee Kaelin

Daniel Oney

Ilena Vera-Cruz-Lopez

Chelsea Wentz


Director of Puyallup Digital Learning Lori Hadley honored outstanding students including:

Grace Denchfield

Bryan Montoya-Perez

Matthew Rice

Joshua Sanders

Cali-Ann Sparks


Puyallup High School Principal Dave Sunich honored outstanding Vikings including:

Deepa Bajwa

Brady Berg

Leah Britt

Gavin Dunayski

Samuel Ebner

Miranda Gooler

Emma Hodges

Sophie Hurst

Rian Kasner

Pualani Knapp

Sang Lee

Roy Massett

Hannah McCann

Karli Mueller

Kennedy Robillard

Christopher Robinson

Madison Salisbury

Myles Smith

Grady Thompson

Michaela Todd

Board Policy Updates

Directors were presented a second reading of several school board policies which have been revised due to legislative changes, suggestions by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), or to implement district efficiencies and effective use of available resources. These policies include:

Policy 3240 - Student Conduct Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions

Policy 6545 - Personal Use of District Materials, Tools, and Facilities

Policy 6890 - State Environmental Policy Act Compliance

Assistant Superintendent Casey Cox provided directors with an overview of the changes made. Directors approved revisions of all policies.

Student Handbook Report

Director of Student Services and School Safety Char Krause provided directors with an update and recommended changes for the annual revision of the student handbook called “Rights and Responsibilities.”

Changes in laws, social trends, and best practices in school discipline require that the district review and revise the handbook regulations for students. Under Senate Bill 5946 and the recently (2016) enacted House Bill 1541 the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction continues to mandate districts engage in disciplinary practices which help close the opportunity gap for all students and decrease the disproportionality in student discipline.

Highlighted changes for the 2017-18 handbook include:

  • Updated request for hearing timeline for emergency expulsion from 10 days to 3 days
  • Added "reasonable self-defense" under fighting
  • Updated and clarified attendance section
  • Clarified items referenced in other types of weapons section
  • Updated technology section to be in alignment with policy changes
  • Updated WAC and RCW citations throughout
  • Updated references to sanctions to be in alignment with new laws, district policies and philosophy

Human Resources

The HR report approved by the school board can be found at the following website: Human Resources Department Activity Memo for May 15, 2017.

The next meeting of the PSD School Board will be held on Monday, June 5, 2017 beginning at 6 p.m. at Edgemont Junior High, 2300 – 110th Ave. E, Edgewood, 98372.