New Legacy Washington Exhibit

Washington Remembers WWII exhibit comes to Puyallup School District
Social Studies teachers won't want to miss out!

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between the Puyallup School District and Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, the district will host a special exhibit paying tribute to veteran of World War II. Washington Remembers WWII: Their Sacrifice, Our Freedom includes profiles of Washingtonians who served in World War II captured through interviews and presented in large panels on display at the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts.

"Tens of thousands of Washingtonians served in World War II, with about 6,000 missing or killed during the war," says Wyman. "We owe these veterans our utmost respect. For years, many of our service members did not speak of the war. In many cases, they were simply humble. But in other cases, they kept silent because people accused them of exaggerating their claims or making up stories."

The exhibit was created in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II, and has been on display in Olympia since November, 2015. The exhibit features photos and artifacts shared by Washington's World War II veterans or their families.

Beginning in August 2016, this temporary exhibit will be on display in the Great Hall of the Karshner Center. The exhibit will come down at the end of January 2017.

Karshner Center field trip opportunity

To help Puyallup students and teachers get the most out of this opportunity, a new Karshner Center field trip experience has been developed. During this 90 minute field trip students will study the stories of 12 WWII veterans, learn of Washington State's contributions to the war, an discover how our state's industry boomed and how the population skyrocketed.

Through the use of primary sources, artifacts, interactive activities, and inquiry-based methods, students will experience Washington's WWII sacrifice, courage, and sometimes heartbreaking experiences.

Teachers can schedule their field trips now! Dates are available beginning in early November. Call Karen Higgins at 253-841-8748 to schedule your class trip today!