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Board Highlights February 7, 2017
Board Highlights February 7, 2017
Posted on 02/13/2017

Highlights of the school board meeting held on February 7, 2017

 District Highlights

Directors heard a review of events and activities which had taken place since the previous meeting of the board. This included the completion of first semester and upcoming report card distribution for secondary students. Special recognitions taking place in several schools included:
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – a Facebook posting from Brouillet Elementary represented the many assemblies and programs held throughout the district.
- Chinese New Year – a Facebook posting from Pope Elementary showed a dragon dance which took place in the hallways.
- PTA Reflections – one example of student art was shared from a story recently posted on the PSD website.
- National Signing Day – student athletes from Emerald Ridge HS were featured from a story of students who signed letters of intent with colleges.
- Informational meetings sponsored by the PSD Human Resources Department were very successful – a photo shared on Facebook was evidence of the crowd of people in attendance.

Photos were shared from this year’s third Family Festival hosted by PSD at the Karshner Center. On January 21 visitors enjoyed storytelling, drama, read-alouds, and book-making at the free Saturday festival, Stories of Our Lives. Several photos, and greater detail about the day are provided on the 
Karshner Center website. Visitors to the website will also see that the WWII exhibit has been replaced by the Legacy Washington exhibit, “We’re Still Here: The Survival of Washington Indians.” Third grade students have begun their annual trips to the museum as a culminating activity to their literacy unit on Coastal Salish people and Native American culture.

Directors were also reminded that kindergarten registration has begun. In addition, three informational parent meetings have been scheduled to assist families with understanding kindergarten readiness. Meetings are scheduled as follows:
- February 9 at Woodland Elementary
- February 16 at Hunt Elementary
- February 28 at Shaw Road Elementary.

More information has been posted on the PSD website: Kindergarten Information Meetings.

Action Taken – Right At School Childcare

PSD Board of Directors took action on a recommendation to consider entering into a contract with a new childcare vendor to support families at each of the district’s 21 elementary schools for the 2017-18 school year. Directors voted to support this recommendation.

With an interest in providing students and families with options in childcare services which contain a continuum of services, PSD leadership has been meeting with prospective vendors to explore considerations. Of interest is a vendor that can provide programs that are:

- Designed for students in preschool through grade six.
- Aligned to academic standards that offer a continuum of services.
- Provide enrichment activities for students.
- Housed in all elementary schools.

Currently, the local YMCA occupies space and offers before and after school childcare in eleven of the district’s elementary schools. Chief Instructional Leadership Officer Vince Pecchia presented directors with a recommendation that the school board consider contracting with a new vendor, Right At School. In addition to meeting the criteria listed above, this vendor will provide reduced fees for PSD employees, military families, and those who qualify for free/reduced lunch.

Dr. Pecchia thanked the YMCA for their service and partnership over the last several years. However, they were unable to meet the established criteria. “The district will work to provide seamless service to families as we make this transition,” said Pecchia.

Action Taken – Bond Sale and Delegation

Due to the successful bond election on November 3, 2015 election, the district will be issuing the second series of new bonds to finance new school construction. Chief Financial Officer Corine Pennington presented directors with a resolution allowing the Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer of the Puyallup School District the authority to determine the manner of sale, the structure of the bonds, approve the interest rates, maturity dates and principal maturities for the bonds under the terms and conditions in the resolution.

Directors approved this resolution as presented. 

Boundary Review Committee update

Brian Devereux, director of facilities planning provided the board with an update on the work of the Boundary Review Committee and a preview of the meeting topics planned for the remaining school year. He also introduced recently appointed committee Co-Chair Mark Bledsoe. Bledsoe greeted the board with appreciation for the opportunity to serve and support the committee. He and his wife have three children in Puyallup schools and have been very involved at Shaw Road Elementary.

Slides used in this presentation are available at: Boundary Review Committee update slides.

Growth and student housing

Assistant Superintendent Casey Cox presented directors with enrollment projections with particular attention to elementary schools which may require adjustments in attendance. Directors have requested a review of such numbers each year to ensure that plans remain relevant and appropriate.

In the 2015-16 school year decisions were made on strategies to respond to the student growth crises. As a result, Zeiger sixth grade students were moved to Ballou Junior High where adequate classroom space was available.

During the 2016-17 school year sixth grade students from Brouillet Elementary began attending their classes at nearby Stahl Junior High.

Enrollment projections and building capacity are currently being studied for the following four additional schools:

  • -        Sunrise Elementary is projected to have 553 students next year – an increase of 49.
  • -        Fruitland Elementary is projected to serve 685 students next year – an increase of 18.
  • -        Northwood Elementary is projected to have 473 students next year – an increase of 40.
  • -        Mountain View is projected to serve 376 students next year – an increase of 12.

Slides used in this presentation are available at: 2017-18 Growth and Student Housing Impacts.

December 2016 Financial Statements

Laura Marcoe, director of business services presented directors with financial statements for the district’s General Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Debt Service Fund, Associated Student Body Fund, Transportation Vehicle Fund, and the Private Purpose Trust Fund.

Marcoe noted that all funds are operating as expected.

It was also reported that the Transportation Vehicle Fund received and paid for one Thomas Built 26 passenger bus. Marcoe noted this is an additional bus not related to those lost in the fire earlier this school year.

Slides used in this presentation are available at: December 2016 Financial Statements.

Upcoming Meetings

Beginning Monday, February 27, 2017 and continuing through the end of June the PSD Board of Directors will meet at Edgemont Junior High, 2300 – 110th Ave. E, Edgewood, 98372.