Maternity Leave Entitlements

Your maternity leave will be considered under the Washington State Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) as well as the Federal Family Medical Leave Act and the WA State Paid Family and Medical Leave. If eligible, these leave entitlements combined may provide up to 18 weeks of paid/unpaid, job protected leave. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Family Medical Leave Act, you may still meet the eligibility requirements under the new WA State Paid and Family and Medical Leave. We encourage you to review the eligibility requirements of each option as well as Leave Provisions available in your Collective Bargaining Agreement carefully, before making your Maternity Leave request.   

The Family Medical Leave (FMLA) will run concurrently with the documented pregnancy recovery (WLAD.) At the conclusion of your recovery time you may have additional leave available under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. Please see the example below for a diagram of how these leave entitlements intersect:   

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - 12 weeks (full entitlement)

01/03/20                                                                                                    04/01/20

Pregnancy Disability (WADL) - approximately 8 weeks
(as documented by your doctor)  

01/03/20 (Baby's DOB)                                     02/28/20 

Planned return to work date: 02/29/20

It is the District's responsibility to apply all required leave entitlements and provisions appropriately. We do not require additional FMLA forms for bond with baby time under the federal Family Medical Leave.   

NEW effective January 2, 2020:

In addition to your recovery time and 12 weeks of job protected Family Medical Leave, you may also qualify for the new Washington State Paid and Family Medical Leave. Step 1, please review your Collective Bargaining Agreement to determine you qualify for this benefit. Step 2, If your Collective Bargaining Agreement says you qualify, you should proceed with review of the eligibility requirements for this leave entitlement and begin the application process.

The District does not initiate, review, approve or deny applications for the WA Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program. Please contact a Customer Care Representative for all application and compensation related questions.