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2014-2015 Budget Preparation Timeline

Each year, months before the presentation to the Board of Directors of the proposed draft budget takes place, the District Leadership Team alongside the Budget office work to create a budget that aligns with the District’s Strategic Plan and the anticipated resources. 


January –       During this time period the Budget office, in conjunction with the District leadership team, seeks input, estimates Mid-April         resources, identifies new requirements and program needs, finalizes enrollment projections and staffing needs.

                       With this information a Draft Budget is prepared.


Mid-April        The Draft Budget will be presented to the Board of Directors first for their input and feedback.  Changes may be

                       made subsequent to this presentation. Shortly after this meeting, we will share the draft budget with the district

                       administrators so they have all the necessary information to answer questions in their 

                       buildings or with community members.   


The following presentations of the 2014-15 Draft Budget are open to All Community members, Union Representatives and Staff:


April 28th         ESC Pioneer Conference Room 4pm – 5:30pm


April 30th         ESC Pioneer Conference Room 11am -1pm


April 30th         Ballou Junior High Commons 6pm – 7:30pm


May 1st –        Review feedback information gained from all forums, making necessary adjustments to the

August 1         proposed budget in preparation for public hearings on proposed budget.


August 4th       1st Public Hearing / Presentation on 2014-15 Proposed Budget

                       6pm, Ballou Junior High


August 18th     2nd Public Hearing / Presentation on 2014-15 Proposed Budget

                       6pm, Ballou Junior High