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Firgrove Elementary Replacement Project 
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News and Updates

November 13th, 2018: Most of the South and West decking is going up. Area B is now dried in and Neeley is working on the roof. Area C is just about fully framed out.
November 6th, 2018:
Most of the structural steel is up. PSE is back on-site to finish pulling wire. The accelerated schedule was not given to Mike last week as promised. Most of the framing is done on the two-story classroom wing.
October 30th, 2018:
The field was hydro-seeded last Wednesday. Neeley is continuing to frame the music rooms and administrative area. The rest of the steel will arrive by tomorrow.
October 23rd, 2018:
Area C has 75% of the interior framing complete. Approximately 60% of the exterior framing is done in this area and about 60% of the duct work has been installed. Neeley is working on the plumbing and electrical rough-in. Steel erection is taking place in area A and some minor steel fabrication is being done on site. An underground utility vault was put in yesterday.
October 2nd, 2018:
All slabs are now poured except the areas that are exposed slab. Neeley is working away on the interior framing and all of the steel has arrived on site for area B.
September 11th, 2018:
Neeley is planning to pour more slab tomorrow. 70% of the decking is complete.
August 28th, 2018: The bus loop has been poured and is curing. The road to 136th is complete and asphalted. Steel erection on the two-story classroom wing began last Thursday and almost all of the foundations are poured.
August 14th, 2018:
Asphalt is starting next Thursday. The big push right now is to get the bus loop done to function as a parent drop-off for a year. Steel deliveries have started and steel erection will begin next week. The existing playground has been relocated and the fence line is being reset soon.
July 24th, 2018:
Neeley is working on the driveway. The internet fiber that goes from Ballou to Firgrove crosses the driveway which is right where a catch basin needs to be placed so the fiber will need to move a little bit. The new bus turnaround is going in and Neeley is working on forming curbs.
July 3rd, 2018:
Slab work for area C should begin on July 16th. The asphalt for the new driveway is underway.
June 26th, 2018:
All footings for area C (2-story classroom wing) are poured. The old playtoy is being relocated and the fence has moved as well. 
June 19th, 2018:
Neeley is starting to pour continuous footings between all of the brace frame footings. They are also excavating the commons and putting the footings around the gym. 
June 12th, 2018:
Neeley is pouring slab on area C next (closest to the woods). The underground trench is coming across now and so are mainlines for the sanitary sewer.
June 5th, 2018:
Neeley poured the big brace frame footings last Thursday. The excavators are setting the vaults for the storm system and backfilling them. The underground waste lines are done. The project manager and engineer will be walking through it this afternoon. Our director of educational planning was invited to meet with the second and fourth graders to talk about the project.
May 29th, 2018: Neeley plans to have 90% of the grading/pads done next week. Concrete is being poured on Thursday for the footings for the classroom wing. Neeley also worked on relocating an existing storm line.
May 15th, 2018:
Neeley is excavating for footings in the back of the site.
May 8th, 2018: Neeley is doing a lot of work with our soils onsite. They are treating a soft spot and spreading soils out to allow them to dry. The ground is healing and drying very well.
April 24th, 2018:
Neeley is moving dirt out at the Firgrove construction site. We're getting the area for the job shack and trailer prepared while the ground is dry. The temporary erosion control has been dug out. 
April 17th, 2018:
We are in the midst of a lot of permitting work. The contractor (Neeley Construction) set the fence up yesterday to keep everyone safe and secure during construction. 
April 2nd, 2018:
Firgrove Elementary project moves forward
 March 27th, 2018:
The groundbreaking ceremony is Friday 3/30 at 9:30am. We are excited to begin construction!
March 20th, 2018: We are working on signage and going over fence lines for the construction site.
March 12th, 2018: We have responded to comments from the county in an effort to move closer to getting our site development and building permits. We are working on planning our groundbreaking ceremony on the 30th. 
March 6th, 2018:
Our lowest qualified bidder is starting to pull together their paperwork. We need to have the contract signed to issue our notice to proceed. Our Project Manager (Mike Meadows) and Director of Educational Planning (Judy Piger) visited the school to observe traffic during drop off and pick up. 
March 5th, 2018:
The school board accepted the bid for the new project. We're moving forward!
February 27th, 2018:
Our bid opening was today. We had five contractors bid for the job and we have identified a lowest qualified bidder.
February 13th, 2018: We're still waiting on our permits. The person who checks plans at the county is on vacation for a few weeks. When he returns we should get comments back. We're also waiting on some letters so we can submit our D7 letter to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. We should be good to go in the next few days!
January 29th, 2018: Bid advertisements went on on 1/24/18 and the second will be out 1/31/18. The pre-bid walk through is on 2/8/18 and the Bid Opening is on 2/27/2018.
January 16th, 2018: We have reviewed all of the specs with our internal team and we're fine tuning our comments. 
January 2nd, 2018: We have reviewed the 95% Constructability plans and we're starting to respond back to the architect on those.
October 31st, 2017: We have received the 75% CD set on 10/13. We distributed it for review to our Internal Staff and Technology Department.
October 17th, 2017: We got the D6 form back.
October 10th, 2017: The project manager expects to have the permit set printed on Friday and it should be in hand next week.
September 26th, 2017: The team met this week to discuss the interior, bathrooms, and learning stairs.

Project Details and Specs

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