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Andy Burch is inducted into the WMEA Hall of Fame
Andy Burch is inducted into the WMEA Hall of Fame
Posted on 04/01/2016
Andy Burch, band director at Edgemont Junior High, has received the honor of being inducted into the Class of 2016 Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) Hall of Fame. Burch will have his name engraved on a music stand and added to the hall of other honored music educators before him.


In order to be qualified for a WMEA Hall of Fame nomination multiple people from the WMEA write letters explaining the excellence of the music educator and added to the Hall of Fame. Then a selection committee from WMEA reviews the nominees to select who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Every two years there are 10 educators inducted into the hall of fame.


"This is an honor to be nominated and then selected to be in the WMEA Hall of Fame. There are so many great music educators out there, and I am so humbled to be one of them," stated Burch.


Mr. Burch attributes his students' success to a lot of hard work, dedication, and the wonderful teachers who worked with them before they reach junior high. "The general music teachers in our elementary schools really make a big difference."


Creating an environment where students can have sincere and professional interactions with teachers also goes a long way. "Each student comes in wanting to belong and feel cared for, and I make sure that each of those students feel they belong and are genuinely cared for in this class," explained Burch.


Burch has worked in the Puyallup School District for over 27 years. His passion for teaching and music are what keep him going.


His passion is evident in the genuine and professional relationships Burch gains with his students. Burch chuckled as he recalls all of the ties he has received from students over the years. Most of them are pretty fun. Fun or not, you can always count on Mr. Burch to be wearing one of those ties.


Mr. Burch strives to teach his students about music, but also teach them life-long lessons. Learning to play the notes on the page is just the start to learning music. It also includes earning to listen to everyone else as they play, and to know what their part sounds like and how they fit in. Learning to listen helps bring a sense of responsibility, not just for notes they are playing, but to learn how to be responsible as a group in the way they interact with others.


"Teaching the students to listen to one another teaches them about more than just music," Burch said. "Listening is something they will have to do for the rest of their lives, whether it's in a career, education, or in a relationship. Learning to play their notes is just the beginning, learning to listen to everyone else while they play is really what it's all about." 


The Puyallup School District Board of Directors honored Mr. Burch at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, March 7, at Stahl Junior High, at 6:00 p.m.