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All in a day's work
All in a day's work
Puyallup School District bus driver Ron Kitts was back on the road transporting students yesterday afternoon, the same day he saved all eight passengers from a burning bus on its early morning run.
At the first sign of smoke, Kitts stopped the bus, called in a “Code Red”, and helped his students off the bus. Students being delivered to Shaw Road and Spinning elementary schools to their special needs classrooms required assistance evacuating the bus. Kitts patiently and effectively guided students away from the burning bus to safety.
“My thanks go out to those people that stopped to help. And my kids were great. They were scared, but they did everything they were supposed to do. They were very, very good,” said Kitts.
Kitts chose to return to his route that same afternoon. “I figured if the kids could see me and see everything was okay it might make their afternoon a little easier,” he said.
At their regularly scheduled school board meeting on May 2, directors publicly praised Kitts even though he wasn’t present. Puyallup School Board President Dane Looker said, “You put your kids on the bus every morning—thankfully we have great drivers like Ron to take care of them.”