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Puyallup schools earn Washington Achievement Award
Puyallup schools earn Washington Achievement Award
Posted on 05/11/2016

Four Puyallup schools have earned the 2015 Washington Achievement Award in recognition of showing measureable progress in student academic performance.
Woodland Elementary received Overall Excellence, Spinning Elementary was named as a High Progress school, and Ridgecrest and Sunrise elementary schools each won Special Recognition – Mathematics Growth award.

Overall Excellence (highest performing and top tier)           
Schools qualify for recognition if they are among the top 5% of schools based on the Composite Achievement Index rating. The Composite Achievement Index rating is based on proficiency and growth for schools, not graduating students, and on proficiency, growth, and graduation for schools graduating students.
High Progress
Schools qualify for recognition if they are in the top 10% of schools making the most progress in the reading and math combined performance of the All Students, using the previous three years of data. The Progress Score (PS) is an average of an Achievement Score (A) and an Improvement Score (I). 
Special Recognition – Mathematics Growth
Schools qualify for recognition if they are in the top 5% of the three-year average Median Student Growth Percentiles (MSGPs) in reading and/or math. To be eligible for recognition a school must have reportable school MSGPs in reading and/or math for the previous three years. Schools must not be identified for the Priority/Focus list.
The annual awards program, sponsored by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and State Board of Education, celebrates Washington’s top-performing schools. The award recognizes schools and educators making a difference in student outcomes.
Washington Achievement Award winners are selected using the State Board of Education Revised Achievement Index and are based on statewide assessment data for the three previous years. The Achievement Index measures school performance, emphasizing improvement and recognition. Schools cannot be listed as Priority or Focus and must have at least 95 percent participation on state tests to qualify for recognition.
This year’s award winning Puyallup schools, along with other schools in the district, have earned the Washington Achievement Award in past years. Ridgecrest received the Washington Achievement Award in 2011–2015; Spinning in 2013–15; Sunrise in 2013 and 2015; and Woodland in 2012–2015.
Superintendent Yeomans attended a recognition ceremony coordinated by OSPI in collaboration with the State Board of Education on May 10.
The Ridgecrest, Spinning, Sunrise, and Woodland administration and staff will be recognized by the Puyallup School Board at the June 6 meeting at Stahl Junior High beginning at 6:00 p.m.