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Brouillet sixth graders will move to Stahl portables in 2016-17
Brouillet sixth graders will move to Stahl portables in 2016-17
Posted on 06/27/2016

In order to relieve crowding at the elementary level due to enrollment growth Brouillet Elementary sixth graders will attend class in Stahl Junior High portables beginning in the 2016-17 school year.
Plans are underway to determine classroom needs in order to house the sixth graders in four portables at Stahl Junior High.
The Brouillet students will not be integrated with Stahl Junior High students. Transportation will drop them off and pick them up at Brouillet. The students will attend assemblies and specialized classes, such as music and library, at Brouillet.
In order to minimize the transition time between Brouillet and Stahl the sixth graders will be assigned a separate lunch time at Stahl. Only the sixth grade students will be having lunch during this time. The sixth-grade elementary PE classes will be held on the Stahl campus and will be the same PE curriculum as other sixth grade students across the district.
“This is not the same plan as the Zeiger sixth grade move to Ballou in 2014-15. At Ballou, the sixth-graders are integrated with the junior high, including lunch, PE, and music. The Brouillet students will be separated from the junior high students and will not attend classes or activities, such as assemblies, with them,” said Chief Academic Officer John Parker.
To facilitate access to the additional classrooms work began May 2 on a paved, lighted pathway between Stahl and Brouillet. The pathway begins at the southwest corner of Stahl near the baseball diamond and continue across the play field to the northeast corner of Brouillet. Additional outside lighting will be placed on the Stahl building. The Stahl-Brouillet pathway project is expected to be completed in May.
The safety of students is a top priority of the district. “We are working on a plan to ensure safe travel from Brouillet to Stahl, and back again. We don’t want any issues there,” said Parker.
The portables targeted for Brouillet students in 2016-17 are currently being used for Stahl classes. Those classes will be relocated within the Stahl building.
Enrollment at Brouillet has risen to more than 700 students. The school was built for approximately 500 students.
While Puyallup School District voters approved a $292.5 million bond last November, new construction won’t be completed for several years. The schools built or remodeled with those bond dollars will open in 2019 and 2020. During this time, enrollment growth is projected to continue.