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Rogers High School Threat Update
Arrest made in RHS Threat
Posted on 10/05/2016

UPDATE - ARREST MADE (October 5, 12:38 p.m.)

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department has arrested a 17 year old male for a series of clown-related threats made towards specific students at Rogers High School.

The suspect is being booked into Remann Hall on three counts of Felony Harassment and one count of False Reporting.

On Tuesday, October 4, Rogers High School was placed into modified lockdown during lunch as a precaution. Deputies continued their investigation with the help of School Resource Officers and school administration.

Student safety remains top priority. The Puyallup School District is grateful to local law enforcement and School Resource Officers for the work done to keep students safe.

For greater detail, read the news release from Ed Troyer, Public Information Officer for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

News Release: Student arrested for "clown" threats at Rogers High School.

UPDATE ON INVESTIGATION (October 4, 12:31 p.m.)

In their investigation, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department has identified threats which were regulated to Rogers High School alone.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer reports the investigation found, "Isolated students at RHS were identified in the threat."

The modified lockdown during lunch has provided additional security for students at RHS. However, it is now clear that the threat was not to the student body in general.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is investigating claims of a threat to Rogers High School involving clowns.

Captain Scott Engle with the Puyallup Police Department reports there is no connection between the clown issue and the closure of ERHS and GVJH.

The current “clown hunt” activity is creating concern among some members of the Rogers High School community.

School Resource Officer Marty and two other deputies from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department searched the wooded park near Rogers High School known as Chapman Trail.

To be cautious, the Puyallup School District has chosen to place RHS in a modified lockdown during lunch time. Law enforcement will continue to investigate allegations. School administration will continue to work closely with deputies as they conduct the investigation.

A modified lockdown means that movement is restricted to the high school campus. Additional security will also be present.

Parents are encouraged to report any threats their children receive by phone or text messaging. 

Information regarding this issue is of great interest to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.